Getting Hard To Save Money

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by NetBrakr, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Fingers crossed, good karma heading south:newpalm:
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    It came straight up I-85. Considerable damage in Auburn and Opelika. The siren went off at lunch but it always does Wednesdays. I'm maybe 6 or 7 miles off the interstate and had hard rain for maybe 1/2 hour but not so much as a fallen branch.

    The nearest siren is about a half mile from my house. Ear-bursting if you're close and it's pointing directly at you.
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    Hal, I'm not much of a horror fan. It doesn't scare me, I just don't love it. Still, I've heard great things about WD. The real problem is I already watch WAY too much TV as it is. BBC America, AMC, FX, and the shows from HBO/Showtime/Starz already take up a lot of time (Boardwalk Empire, Hung, How to Make it in America, Homeland, etc.) Something's gotta give.
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    Lauren + family, just as Rick I send good Karma in the general direction towards GA. And much much powerful Karma in the general direction towards AL. LS, hope you remain unaffected.

    Regarding sirens, I remember that as a kid we made a trip to the Gulf coast, and I listened to a fog horn about 200m away from where I was. It sounded worse than the horn on a train pointing at oneself at 10m . I mean it, it felt like if my feet were about to leave my shoes :D I was told that such a horn had to warn ships something like 3 or 5 km away from the shoreline (maybe farther). Yeah, well it sounded like trying to indicate incoming UFOs the actual proximity of solid ground.

    Yeah, I get you. I'm in the other side of the TV-advocacy spectrum. I've even wondered WTF do I pay for DHTV if I barely put the TV set on. Then again, there are shows that I enjoy that are only syndicated on DHTV channels, or they will be aired in national TV after a long time. I enjoy Two and A Half Men (sorry to say, Ashton, I respect you but you got nothing to do in there), The Big Bang Theory (my current favorite), and TWD - that's my whole week fixed TV diet. Plus, the Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse reruns, but they syndicate so late that it's actually too early, and I am not always "available" :D

    Just as you say, something gotta give. Especially if it's of a subject you actually don't enjoy. Now, to be fair, TWD barely accomplishes its gore thematics. For a show involving undead, a global holocaust, and the crackdown of modern society, the core subject which is the undead actually plays a "landscape role". They don't show up for more than 15% of the show time. But of course this is a convention of the undead theme. It's more about the human nature than of corpses wandering.
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