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    In order to help us answer your questions more quickly, it is helpful if you answer the following questions in your post. I have divided the questions that should be answered into two sections: "What Device Should I Buy?" and "Device Problems".

    What Device Should I Buy?

    In order to answer your question and efficiently, we need to know the following:
    • What operating system do you have on your computer?
    • What are you looking to use the PDA for? (Be detailed)
    • Do you want a SmartPhone (i.e. a PDA with a built in phone -- these tend to be more expensive)
    • Your price range?
    • Do you currently have a PDA? If so, what operating system? Do you want to stay with this operating system?
    • Are there any specific programs that you need to be able to run?

    Device Problems

    In order to answer your question quickly and efficiently, we need the following information:
    • What operating system do you have on your computer?
    • What device do you have?
    • Provide a detailed description of the problem
    • Can you recreate the problem?
    • Please use a title descriptive of the problem. Please don't use "HELP!!!!" It's easier for us if we know from the title that we can or can't help you!
    • Did you search the forums before hand, and did you look at the list of main problems below?
    • Post in the correct forum! Be as specific as you can with where you are posting. For example, If you have a problem with syncing your TX with your Mac, post in the Palm Forum under Sync Issues (Mac/Linux)

    Main Problems:

    • My Palm/Pocket PC froze/locked up! What should I do?
      • First off, thank you for reading this before you posted your question!
      • Next, please perform a Soft-Reset. A soft reset should not cause loss of unsaved data. It is similar to the reboot of a PC/Mac. A soft reset can be performed, normally, by turning the device over and inserting a bent paperclip into the depressed reset button (if you are unfamiliar with this, you may want to consult your manual). In some devices, this hole may be placed in different areas on the device, and does not always require a paperclip. Most higher level devices have styli that separate to expose a reset pin, which you can insert into the reset button.
      • In the event that your device enters a Reset-Loop, i.e. the device perpetually resets, you will want to attempt a Warm-Reset (PalmOS only). A Warm-Reset can normally be performed by following the steps for a Soft-Reset (insert a paperclip or other sharp, small object into the depressed reset button) while holding down the Up button on your Directional Pad (DPad). A Warm-Reset is similar to rebooting a PC into Safe Mode or a Mac into Recovery Mode. The system does not load all non required components. This should allow you to HotSync your data to Palm Desktop and delete the offending program.
      • Should your device enter a reset loop or be unrecoverable, it is time to perform a Hard-Reset. A Hard-Reset restores your device to Factory-State, i.e. Out-of-the-Box. A Hard-Reset is the equivalent of reinstalling Windows or Mac OS (or Linux). All data is erased. Follow the Soft-Reset procedure except hold down the power button. Some devices will prompt you to confirm that you do indeed want to remove all data. Removing all data is almost guaranteed to solve any problem with your device, provided it is not hardware related.
    • Help! My device has given me a "Fatal Error Screen" I pressed the reset button, but nothing happened!
      • Please follow the instructions for resetting which are listed above
    • This list is subject to change and updating
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    Nice post that will serve as a guide for posting in this board, looking forward to the further add-ons. :cool:
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