Galaxy Note II taking forever to charge battery...

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by Justitia, May 4, 2013.

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    I have a Galaxy Note II and it is taking forever to charge. I've had it ever since it came out a few months ago and this is the first time I've noticed it.

    What I recall is noticing it charging very fast before -- but I've bee so over-worked the last several months and extreme stress that I don't trust my memory.

    Today it has taken 5 hours to charge from 67% to 89%.

    And it hasn't been used during that time except for few minutes.

    I am concerned that something is running in the background, using up the juice, that I am not aware of. But as I say, I've been so overworked and stressed out that I have not had a chance to learn what should be and shouldn't be on. (I just discovered reading on the Forum today that there was an update a couple of months ago to 4.1.2 that some how I missed. It's updating right now.)

    I try to keep as few apps going as possible. But I haven't had time to learn which ones I need and which ones I don't.

    I have th epower saving option turned on as well as the auto display on -- and the screen is set to go black after two minutes (which is what I need and have always had it set at.)

    So could this be a battery problem?

    Here is a list of items running and apps that are listed in the application manager as currently running. I would love suggestions as to which ones I could turn off and keep off -- or turn on only as needed.

    1, Google location services -- I decided I wanted one location service going all the time and I chose Google over Stand-alone or VZW because I use Google maps frequently.

    2. Airplane mode, Wi Fi & Bluetooth are all off. (Turned on only as I need them.) All the items under "more settings" are off.

    3. Volume is at maximum for all items (Music, ringtone & system) except notifications are at half volume. I rarely get calls, most communications are by text. I use the Music, etc media only 3 times a week when I work out at the gym. I don't like going around listening to music all the time.

    4, Vibration and all the things like keytones, touch sounds etc are off

    5.Smart Rotation and Smart Stay are on (though I find the smart stay doesn't work too well.)

    6. Touch key light turns after 6 secs, Display battery percentage is on and so is auto adjust screen tone -- which is supposed to be power saving.

    7. Powe Saving Mode is on

    8. The battery use indicates that the largest use is the sceen at 41% and then voice calls at 34 % which makes sense as I use the cell phone primarily to text and get on the internet,

    9. Here is the list of the apps the phone says are currently running:
    Weather Channel (which I use all the time)
    Android system
    SyncMLSvc (<-- have no idea what that is) (<-- have no idea what that is)
    Amazon (Don't know why that is running -- I rarely go on Amazon with the phone.)
    Google Services: (network location & messaging service)
    There seem to be two map services running at the same time -- both by Google and the second one is thelocation service.
    Media hub -- which seems to control the widgets and is a Samsung/Verizon app
    Google Play Store (Do I need that running all the time? is it necessary forgetting updates for apps I bought?)
    Samsung Oush Service (<-- have no idea what that is)
    S Suggest (I assume that isfir when I am texting -- which I do a lot of)
    Youtube (which I never use --maybe twice since I've owned the phone)
    Sync Service
    S Voice
    Samsung Keyboard

    There are a lot more apps downloaded but not running. The ones I downloaded myself I use about once a week and currently are not running

    Under Lock screen options: Shortcuts, Clock, Ripple effect, Help text, Camera quick access areon, everything else off.

    Popup Note on Lock Screen is on

    Back up data and Restore are both on

    Location Settings: Automatic Check-ins is on, everything else is off.

    ?Back up assistant plus?: I thought it was set to back-up every night but now I have discovered that it hasn't backed up in 2 months. I would like it to back up every night. There are constantly changes in my contact list and I need to be sure the are up to date.

    In System category:
    Motion is on including all the subcategories except shake to update. Advancecategories, everything is at max except music which is not on at all

    S Pen Open Pop-up note when Pen is detached is on, Everything elses is on except Sound and haptic feed back.

    All Accessories options are off

    Auto date, time and zone are on.

    Accessibility: Auto-rotate is on -- everything else is off.

    Developer Options are all off

    There are some additional queries buried in the list.

    It took me an hour to write this up and the cell phone was on the charger the whole time but it was "open" the whole time while I checked everything out to write here.

    In the hour the battery charge went from 89% to 92% but, as I said, the phone screen was on pretty much the whole hour.

    Any thoughts, though, why the previous 5 hours ti only increased the charge from 67% to 89% when the phone was not in use? That seems awfully long to me.
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    Have you tried charging it when powered down?

    If it is something going on the background softwares, this will let you know.
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    Out of curiosity, is it plugged into the wall or into a computer? I simply ask because while you can charge through a computer, it does charge more slowly than from an outlet. You mentioned it recharging slowly, but I didn't really see where you felt the battery life was poor once it was recharged. I wouldn't suspect app activity as a culprit unless you're getting poor battery life off the charger.
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    The Galaxy Note II official charger has a power rating of 1.0A (amps). Most USB ports on computers are 500mA (0.5 amps), so they charge the Note II more slowly, as Mi An said. Likewise, third party chargers have different power outputs; there is usually a label on the charger showing its output, but in practice the actual power produced can be higher or lower than that stated.

    Even if a third party charger has the required output of 1.0A, Samsung (and some other manufacturers' devices) can recognise that it's not the genuine charger and may switch to a slower charging rate.

    So, if you're not using the original charger then try the original to see if it charges more quickly. If you are using the original charger, try a different one rated at 1.0A or more to see if that helps (your original charger may be faulty). Using a higher Amp rating will not damage the device, provided that it's still 5V (+/- 0.5 Volts). If this doesn't solve the problem, maybe the Galaxy Note II is faulty.

    Good luck!
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    I wasn't charging the Note through a computer. I do know those are horribly slow ways to charge. I was using my Jawbone Jambox charger. It was the same one I always did. Have no idea why it was such a problem then. But it seems to be charging normally since then. And I have updated Android Jelly Bean to the latest version as well as number of other updates.

    Thanks, though, for everyone's response. I appreciate it.
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    Glad you got it sorted out :)
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