G3 keeps getting hot

Discussion in 'Other Device Manufacturers' started by rainbowteakitty, Jul 14, 2017.

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    How do I cool down my device? I've removed a ton of apps, I've got battery saver on all the time, I have task killers I run, but my phone always eventually gets hot. :/ I'm about a year out until I can get a new one, so I need to figure this out. Thanks guys!
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    Hello again...usually when a device gets hot, it's because it has been working hard. this is especially true of graphic-intensive activity, such as games. if your phone is being used like that, getting hot is kinda normal.

    also, by gets hot, is it just to the point where you're concerned, or does the device shut down on its own? the latter is a more serious case. speaking of case, if your G3 is in one, that can contribute to heat buildup.

    I have an underpowered tablet that will overheat to the point where it shuts down on its own, making it useful only for doing things that don't involve graphics (no Angry Birds) or streaming videos (even just browsing the internet is problematic) -- it is mostly at this point a dedicated ereader. It wasn't always this way, so my guess is something internal has degraded.

    in any case, good luck; most likely, some of our other members will be able to provide greater details, and ask more pertinent questions.
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