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    My go-to calculator has GP5 at 186ppi. People tend to have different tolerances for this kind of thing. I've even seen my tolerances steadily change. I was never bothered reading on my low res Palms until after using my TP2 for years. When I tried to go back, it was unpleasant. I bought a 160ppi or so nook tablet and wanted to claw out my eyes after my first reading session. Could have been conditioning, could have been my eyes getting older too. It was never so much about whether something looked pixelated to me, that was Apple's silly little test. I've seen lots of pixelation over the years that bothers me not, playing an old 8bit nintendo game for instance. Focusing on text for extended periods especially actually makes my eyes/head hurt at low res on transmissive screens.

    But as I say, everyone's a little different. Do what works for ya NetB. I remember I avoided looking at an HDTV for years knowing I couldn't afford one and I didn't want to get attached. I'd literally look away and/or close my eyes if passing that section in a store. And during that time I was perfectly content with my SD tv experience.
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