Free WarCraft III clone Medieval brand new, 0.1 version out!

Discussion in 'Windows Phone' started by Menneisyys, Dec 2, 2006.

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    I reported about the new WarCraft III clone, Medieval, some days ago. Now, a new, greatly enhanced version has been published, which, now, did work on most Pocket PC’s I’ve tested it on (Dell Axim x51v, Pocket Loox 720, HP iPAQ h2210). It’s only on the WM5-upgraded iPAQ hx4700 that it wouldn’t start – as with, unfortunately, many other games.



    Fortunately, the author of the port, now that he has destroyed his device, hasn’t stopped working on the project. The new version is available for download here.

    Go download it if you like the genre; just decompress Medieval_0.1.rar onto your PDA (with all the files – including the ones in the resource subdirectory) and start Game.exe. Unlike with the previous alpha, it has no PC-based executable.

    It’s much better than the first version – it’s already playable. Make sure, however, that as the D-Pad (if you don’t use the minimap, you need to use it to scroll the screen) is set to Portrait mode by default, you must explicitly switch to Landscape mode before starting the game so that it’s correctly oriented.

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