Flaky Text Notifications

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by DTM, Sep 17, 2015.

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    Sorry (and surprised) the factory reset didn't resolve it. I hope there's a tech at your local Verizon store that can offer a quick and easy fix.
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    And the semi-happy ending...

    I've been testing this for the past few days by having others text me and by sending texts to myself. After doing the hard reset last night, I sent a few to myself with no improvement, thus my last post. Now, the phone has the capability of saving your configuration and restoring it after a reset--putting back apps with their settings, etc. From what I saw, that got me back to about 80% of where I was before the reset.

    Facing the possibility of having to get a new phone, this morning I tried a second hard reset, this time disabling the restore. That brought it back to "walking out the door" condition, but it still didn't work. Apparently.

    Went to Verizon and they were stumped, but then I had the guy text me from his phone. Worked perfectly. I then realized that since I had done the first hard reset, I had only done self-texting. That, apparently, is not a valid test. It now works when someone else texts me--I've tried three different senders--but not when I text myself. So I'm good to go, and learned something.

    But I have to wonder if the first reset would have been enough. By doing the second, I created a whole lot of trouble for myself. Now I get to spend the weekend installing and tweaking apps.

    At least I'm not out 500 bucks or so.
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    I should have said something because I thought the self-texting was probably not the optimal way to test things; but not having much experience, I thought it would create more of a muddle than it would help. Glad it worked out.

    Good call on the full reset too. I would expect that if a problem crept into something basic like that, it would be 'saved' with a reset that kept settings and such.
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