Final post on BB, and BB10

Discussion in 'Blackberry' started by rkevwill, Jul 24, 2013.

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    In the past, I have commented on BB10, and BES10. You often hear, myself included, one of the real hopes for BB, is their ability to get back their corporate users. That is where the problem currently is, and where a serious problem lies. Similar, to where some problems are with Android OS distribution. Let me explain.

    On the end user side, their CalDav is not working properly. Some serious problems syncing calendars in the cloud. Leaked OS updates, seem to solve the problem, but how long is it going to take for the carriers to release the update? Even when BB had power and influence with the carriers, it took forever for the carriers to push out updates. (sound familiar Android users?) Yes, many of us forum users can update the OS's ourselves, but thats not the way you do things in the corporate world. So, if the underlying OS doesn't work properly, there are support problems.

    Next, is the BES side. All this time, even after BES updates, there are still serious issues. In our corporation, we have found that only ATT at present, supports the most important item, email. Look at this quote from our head IT guy (covering over 5000 smartphone users).

    "We finally are ready for compliance to review it and hopefully put their stamp of approval on it but in all honesty I Hope they don’t. There is such uncertainty with BB and going forward what is that going to entail for the next 5 years. Plus get this, ATT is the only carrier that has the right plan code in order for the email to work. Verizon said they are working on it and so is Sprint."

    What does that tell you? My comment to him, was its a shame they can't update similar to how Apple does it. We all have to wait till the carriers push it out, and they all have their own time frame, and self interests. It appears that Blackberry no longer has the power, to push the carriers to update on a reasonable time frame. When there are bugs, or problems with an OS, users (especially corporate users) need that asap, if its affecting their abilities.
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    It's unfortunate, but I think BB10 was too little, too late for Blackberry.
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