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    Here’s something to get us started:

    FastFinger and other programs author Joseph (JMckie)

    Garmin's Mobile Electronics Page from here you can access your model and support pages

    Mac related issues by Joe (Lycestra)

    Highfly's Garmin iQue 3600 Software overview

    The UK SpeedCamera Database and the iQue

    This forum's Off Topic site (a necessity for most of us :) )

    1500 mah battery replacement thread

    Q: How do I determine the Palm OS software version?

    A: If you use an alternative launcher (LauncherX, MegaLauncher, SilverScreen, ZLauncher or whatever) exit it first, then, in the native launcher, tap home, tap menu, then chose Info, then choose version. Your version information is there.

    Q: Please explain the various types of resets.

    A. Types of Resets for the Garmin iQue 3600

    These first resets are common to all Palm powered devices...

    Soft Reset - The most common type of reset. Performed by pushing the reset button on the back of the unit.

    Warm Reset - Also referred to as an extensions off reset or a no-notify reset. This reset is useful if an errant piece of software has your device stuck in a reset loop. Bypasses any system extensions. Once you delete the problem program, perform a soft reset to return your device to normal.
    To perform, press the reset button while holding the scroll-up button. Release when the Palm Powered logo appears.

    Hard Reset - Clears out all the contents of RAM and restores your device to factory default settings. GPS settings are still maintained in non volatile memory.
    To perform, press the reset button while holding the power button. Release when the Palm Powered logo appears.

    Extended Hard Reset - This is the same as a hard reset except the default records are not created.
    To perform, follow the steps for a hard reset. When prompted to erase all data, press and hold the scroll-up button. while holding the scroll-up button, press and release the 4 hard buttons on the front of the unit one at a time.

    Debug Reset - Not of much use to anyone other than developers. Sometimes used for upgrading the OS.
    To perform, press the reset button while holding the scroll-down button. The iQue will display a screen full of colored boxes. A soft reset will restore normal functionality.

    These next resets are specific only to the iQue...

    Non Volatile Reset - This reset clears out all the GPS data and restores all GPS settings to factory defaults. Particularly useful for our European users where the Egnos sats can sometimes send out test data the iQue doesn't like.
    To perform, press and hold the ESC button and the datebook button while pressing the reset button. Hold the ESC and datebook buttons for at least 10 seconds and release.

    Master Clear - It is performed by holding in the jog wheel while pressing the reset button. This appears to do the same as a hard reset.

    PM me with any suggestions and include links when necessary.
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