Exchange email on Q10 isn't working

Discussion in 'Blackberry' started by Hot chocolate, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Over this past week, my Exchange email on my BlackBerry Q10 has stopped receiving / sending when I'm on a cell network. It's only been working on my Wi-Fi. I've tried toggling LTE but that's not working either. All my other data is working fine though. Does anyone have an idea?
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    welcome to Brighthand

    if you haven't already, try the old tested&true:
    first, do a complete power down/power up cycle, and check again;
    2nd, if possible, do the equivalent of a soft reset / battery pull (in some systems those 2 actions accomplish much the same thing), and check again;
    3rd, did you install any new apps/programs just before the problem started, or change any settings such that this would only work on wifi -- actually, check this first (the settings).
    4th, any chance your carrier is doing something to cause the problem?
    last, a factory reset *AFTER* backing up everything you can backup might help.

    also, have you tried posing the question on a more BB oriented forum? my devices are Android, and while the general principles for troubleshooting hold, people with experience in BB might be a better resource.

    good luck

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