Do Europeans Want Treos?

Discussion in 'Headline News' started by Ed Hardy, Sep 4, 2006.

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    One thing is for sure this Asian wants to atleast get a look at a WM Treo! Geez... I think the combined markets of Asia and Europe would be incentive for palm to rollout the Treo in both markets by now, but where is it? All we have here is the aging 650 [and putting it out in black doesn't count]. In my country if you leave your mobile on your table/desk you better have someone watching it or it may get stollen. Mobile phone theft [sometimes with deaths] is always on the rise. People show off their mobiles a bit more discreetly, dangling mobiles on neck lanyards is just starting to happen and haven't seen the expensive mobiles on there [wouldn't want to tempt the sharks]. And yes we even have people answering/making calls or even sms-ing in theatres/restos/restrooms/gas station/church/driving... the price of progress taking a call/sms is now like 2nd nature people don't see/think there is anything wrong with it no matter the location or situation.
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