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Discussion in 'Other Device Manufacturers' started by imported_Tek, Aug 3, 2003.

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    Every now and then when i turn on 2210 or reset it or do something slightly out of the ordinary i get a dialogue box that pops up and says that my card is unreadable and asks if would like to format it (i think i actually get two, cause i have to tap "no" twice - one for each card?) after i tap no twice my cf card is usually still read but i have to pop out and back in my sd card and my 2210 picks it up again. It's only semi annoying and i wouldn't worry about it except i'm worried that someone is gonna pick it up sometime, it'll happen, and then they'll unwittingly tap yes and since my programs are stored on my sd card.... i dunno backup doesn't cover SD, right? and is there a way to back up the SD, will a simply copy and paste of the entire card work?

    I'm assuming that this software related b/c i don't think ppc2k3 has the ability to format built in... correct? And the only software that i have installed that i think would do this COULD be: SPB pocket plus (accesses storage card for memory read out), DexPlor (only program on my 2210 that i know can actually format, but it is never loaded when i turn off my ppc), wisbar advanced (doubt it, but could still be problematic) Other than that i just got the usual like money, games, shutdown, ftx pocketmvp and that freeware calendar one....

    Well guys, any advice you could throw me would be appreciated. Anyone else experience this before. I did a search but couldn't find anything....THANKS!

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