Civilization Revolution 2 releases on Android

Discussion in 'Android OS' started by Mi An, Nov 6, 2014.

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    Today. I've spent a lot more than $15 in other categories of mobileware, but I think this might be my most expensive game by a factor of several. And I didn't flinch or hesitate or even momentarily entertain the notion of waiting for an inevitable sale. For me, that's weird. :vbeek:

    Civ Rev is a quickie fork off of Sid Meier's famed turn-based strategy series, Civilization. Whereas the desktop version might require months to finish a game, the first civ rev takes more like a couple of hours, and it was easy to split one game over several play sessions so you can play it out over a few days if you like. Because it's turn based, it's a great game for multitasking, if say you want something to do while watching the news. You can look away and fiddle with something else or focus on one report without having to pause and return to play quickly.
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    Application looks good I think I am going to try it out ! thanks for sharing it over here

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