Centro to Pixi?

Discussion in 'Palm' started by authorandrew, Oct 6, 2012.

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    Hi all,
    I'm not sure if there's anyone still hanging around the Palm/webOS sections but maybe a few of you regulars are sneaking around out there. :)

    Anyways, I'm looking at buying a Palm Pixi Plus off of eBay for 50 dollars or so. Currently I have a Centro but I just smashed the screen moving a couch, and while it's usable one-handed (i.e. without the touchscreen), it's definitely not workable long term.

    So I have some questions about the Pixi Plus.

    1) Does MotionApps in fact still work on the Pixi? I know it's been discontinued, does it come with the device? Can I acquire it from somewhere? For my PIM and such having PalmOS on there at least to transition is a must.

    2) Is the app catalog still live? If not, does the PreCentral homebrew catalog work?

    3) Is there any registration that's required or something that may not still be live, making me unable to use the phone?

    I'm not really worried about performance issues or being on a 'dead' OS, after all, I've been on Palm OS for years, so switching to webOS shouldn't be too different. Anyways, any comments are welcome :)


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