Can't sync Dell Axim x3 with Windows 7x64 :(

Discussion in 'Windows Phone' started by toastysquirrel, Jul 15, 2016.

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    I feel like I'm in some sort of fugue state with my devices and am unable to get them to talk to one another

    OS: Windows 7x64
    WMDC: 6.1
    PDA: Dell Axim x3
    Mobile OS: Windows Mobile 2003

    It seems that WM2003 requires ActiveSync. But AS4.5 (the latest version from a million years ago) isn't compatible with Windows 7. And WMDC, which *is* compatible with W7, isn't compatible with WM2003; or at the very least doesn't have drive support for the Axim x3.

    Does anyone know of any alternatives? Or at the very least is there a way I can install apps on the Axim directly (e.g., via SD card)? I'm *not* interested in syncing data; I'm only interested in installing apps.

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