Calendar sync issues w/ 7130e on Verizon

Discussion in 'Blackberry' started by gadget, Mar 29, 2006.

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    I have a 7130e on Verizon connected via a BES at my company to Outlook. A few items do not sync properly and I was hoping someone might know what's up and provide some insight.

    First of all Calendar items entered in the berry do not sync up to OL wirelessly at all. Edits made to existing calendar entries in the berry do not sync up either. Basically nothing entered in the berry in calendar ever syncs up. All other PIM applications sync fine in both directions.

    Also - it appears that system administrator mail messages (the ones that tell you you are over your quota in the mail store) cannot be deleted in the Berry. You can delete them from the device but the delete does not delete the corresponding mail item in outlook.

    Also - Infotriever (which is used to transfer travel itineraries into the Outlook calendar) sometimes do not sync down to the berry.

    I am told that we support hundreds of Cingular berries in the same BES and do not have this problem. I am one of 3 on Verizon presently and I think we are trying to work through this issue - any advise would be appreciated.

    BTW - on the desktop I am using desktop manager for mail and have the PIM applications unchecked in intellisync - except calendar which I have been told to check and choose Blackberry Wireless Sync. I am told that these settings make it so the BES delivers mail and the BB Wireless sync setting is necessary for all PIM apps to sync wirelessly...

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