Brightness on Clie NX73/NX80

Discussion in 'Applications/Utilities (Palm OS)' started by Dimus, Nov 4, 2020.

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    Guys, anybody know how can I remove a lower limit of brightness on Clie NX73?
    I was trying to install Dmitry's brightness.NG but had a fatal error, I think it's because NX73 have a PXA263 CPU.
    Any utilities what I find doesn't work on Sony Clie NX series :(
    Thank you!

    123622392_10221180327676404_2269828346646094781_o.jpg 123340651_10221180333076539_5394578432697943862_o.jpg
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    Welcome to Brighthand, Dimus. :vbsmile:

    I personally have no experience with the model that you are asking about, but I'm posting here in order to raise the level of visibility for your request. I'm surprised to hear that you have a working device of that advanced age, although I also have several functional older Palm devices dating back to 2003. Hopefully some of the guys here with even older experiences will be able to give you an answer. :thumbsup:
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