BoxWave Releases Armor Case for BlackBerry 8700c/g/r !

Discussion in 'Press Releases/Announcements' started by BoxWave, Apr 20, 2006.

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    BoxWave is excited to announce Armor Case™ for BlackBerry 8700c/g/r!


    Armor Case™ is a form-fitting, trendy aluminum case that is designed to fit your BlackBerry 8700c/g/r perfectly! It's exterior is made of anodized aluminum that is strong yet lightweight while the interior is padded with a layer of foam for optimal security. While Armor Case™ works to protect your BlackBerry 8700c/g/r from everyday wear and tear, its accessible openings give quick access to button functions, trackwheel, and headphone jack. Armor Case™ is also designed with a clear plexiglass window that works to protect your BlackBerry 8700c/g/r screen and allows you to easily read your display!

    Better yet, Armor Case™ for BlackBerry 8700c/g/r includes a high quality, simple-to-use, detachable belt clip!

    Go ahead and check it out here:
    Armor Case™ for BlackBerry 8700c
    Armor Case™ for BlackBerry 8700g
    Armor Case™ for BlackBerry 8700r

    Cheers, ;)

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