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    Sorry I missed our anniversary Dear. Yes, it's been 3 years (and a bit) since I joined BH so I thought I should do something to celebrate :)
    Since half that time has been spent using TX/Blazer/WiFi I thought it only appropriate that this Post should be about that.
    Of course, all of the following info and more can be found by searching BH but I thought it might be nice to put it in one Post, sooooo:

    [size=+2]Blazer Tips and Tricks[/size]

    :cool: Web Sites in Favorites:
    Most will know this but it took me a while to find it (yeah yeah, I know, RTFM :D)
    Launch the Favorites app, then
    select WebLink.

    :cool: Optimized Mode:
    Blazer>Menu>Options and choose 'Optimized Mode' this will make the website fit the screen so no side scrolling is needed on most websites.
    NOTE: 'Wide Page Mode' is necessary to view some webpages properly but this is rare.

    :cool: Fast Mode:
    Blazer>Menu>Options>Preferences>General and select Fast Mode and tick the boxes
    'Don't Download Images' and 'Disable Cascading Style Sheets'
    When you Tap on the Lightning Bolt icon on the top bar of Blazer and select Fast Mode webpages will load very fast but you get no images. This can be handy to just read text and you can simply change to Normal Mode while in the webpage to see the images.

    Why 'Disable Cascading Style Sheets' ?
    eg: While at a website, I wanted to read the FAQ but Tapping on the FAQ question did nothing.
    I changed to 'FastMode' which had 'Disable Cascading Style Sheets' enabled and the FAQ answers appeared after the questions :)

    :cool: Image too small:
    In Post# 24 of this Thread, Rick Agresta provides us with the following great Tip (Thanks Rick :) )
    :cool: Save Source to Memo
    Among other things 'Save Source to Memo' is handy for finding the address of linked images and URLs

    First you need to enable the EasterEgg
    Launch the Prefs app and select 'Power'.
    Draw a small counter clockwise circle on the screen in the bottom right corner
    TX: Just above the Grafitti area.
    Treo/Centro: Just above the 's' in the 'Tips' button.
    An 'EasterEgg' should appear.
    ASIDE: This will also make the EasterEgg 'Taxi' appear at random :D

    Launch Blazer and go to the webpage.
    Go to Menu>Page and select 'Save Source to Memo' which has now magically appeared.
    Launch Memos and find the Saved Source Memo, it will not have a special title but usually starts with a <
    If the page is too big to fit in one Memo it will be saved in two or more Memos.

    :cool: Go ogle:
    I have found that going through Google/pda is often the quickest way to get to your web destination at least until you get to know and maybe bookmark a site.
    Instead of entering the web address directly I go to Google/pda and enter the search words plus pda mobile
    eg: wikipedia pda mobile
    I almost immediately get the direct address to the pda friendly site if there is one, also I often get a direct link to the actual page I want.
    This is usually quicker than going to the Homepage and navigating or searching from there, especially with large Homepages.

    Google Advanced Search
    When using Google/pda I choose 'Classic' as this has the option of 'Advanced Search' and is still quick to load.
    However, if you just want to search at a particular site then it is quicker to put
    site:webaddress at the end.
    eg: blazer

    Google Format Webpages
    Go to
    &#8226; Select 'Mobile' at the bottom of the page (if needed)
    &#8226; Select 'Settings'
    &#8226; Select 'On' in section 'Format webpages for your phone'
    &#8226; Select 'Save'.
    After this, when you search with Google 'Mobile' all links followed will be formatted to fit your Device.
    NOTE: If 'Format webpages for your phone' keeps changing back to 'Off' try this:
    &#8226; Do the above and after selecting 'Save'
    &#8226; Select 'Classic' near bottom of page.'
    &#8226; Select 'Preferences'
    &#8226; Tap 'Save Preferences' (you don't have to change anything)
    &#8226; Select 'Mobile' near bottom of page.

    The easiest way is to have 2 Bookmarks
    Google Mobile:
    Google Lite:

    :cool: This page is too large to be displayed
    Tip: If you intend to do a lot of web browsing or want to download then do a Soft Reset (to clear the dbCache) before launching Blazer, this will usually make the experience better overall :)

    If you still get this Error message try the following but remember, some webpages are just 'too large'.
    As Mobile web browsing is now very popular more websites are becoming compatible with Mobile devices (even though they might not have a Mobile version) so this 'too large' message is seen less and less.

    Try clearing the cache in Blazer:
    I have 'Clear Cache on Exit' Ticked

    Also, you can go to
    and Tick 'Don't download images!' if the images are not important to you.

    Another way to overcome the "This Page is too large to be displayed" problem and make Blazing the web a lot faster is to disable Javascript:
    Tick 'Disable Javascript'
    However, this may also mean you can't view a website at all and you will get the message:
    "We're sorry, but your browser must have JavaScript enabled to view our site ..."
    Even when you can view the site you may lose some functions.
    eg: In the following example you can't change from 'Plain Text' to 'Brighthand Mobile' etc when you Tick 'Disable Javascript'
    This is an example of how much the size of a website can be reduced (which means faster loading) by Ticking 'Disable Javascript'
    It's a comparison of this page in 'Plain Style' and ' Mobile' Modes with Javascript enabled and disabled:
    Plain Style & Java = 460k
    Plain Style & NO Java = 250k
    Mobile & Java = 230k
    Mobile & NO Java = 170k

    If the website does not have a Mobile version and so the page is just 'too large' for your device then you can go through a web page compression site like MobileLeap See 'Compressing WebSites:' below.

    :cool: Compressing WebSites:
    There are sites that can compress other websites for viewing on PDAs and Mobiles.

    MobileLeap (Updated to v2.11u on 16th July 08 and faster)
    This does remember my logins.
    TIP: If you find a webpage does not fully load ("This page is too large to be displayed") then write:
    after http:// in the AddressBar
    then Tap 'Go'

    The fastest but is not on the BrightHand and other sites 'WhiteList' so I must keep logging in.
    TIP: If you find a webpage does not fully load ("This page is too large to be displayed") then write:
    after http:// in the AddressBar
    then Tap 'Go'

    Google Compress
    Enter the web address and it will be formatted to fit your Device.
    TIP: If you find a webpage does not fully load ("This page is too large to be displayed") then write:
    after the http:// in the AddressBar
    then Tap 'Go'

    :cool: Blazer to download:
    Tip: If you intend to download then do a Soft Reset (to clear the dbCache) before launching Blazer, this will usually make the experience better overall :)

    When you download directly to your Palm the download may come in one of the following formats.

    Download= .prc File:
    If the file you are downloading is a .prc file it can be downloaded directly to the Device and is accepted into 'Applications'.
    .prc files downloaded to the card will end up in Launcher and can be copied to the Device by going to Applications (Home button)
    Menu>Copy 'From Card to Device'
    or using a File Manager.

    Download= .zip File:
    If the file you are downloading is a .zip file it cannot be downloaded directly to the Device unless you have an unzipper app installed on the Device.
    .zip files downloaded to the card will end up in

    I use Resco Explorer to unzip on the card then install to my Device (TX)

    There is also the free File Manager UniCmdthat can unzip then install to the Device but many people find UniCmd too difficult to understand and work with.

    A free unzipper app that allows you to download .zip files directly to the Device then unzip is HandZipperLite
    The link is for the .prc download at and you will have to join but it is quick, spam free and a handy site.
    NOTE: All Palm files in the Zip will be 'Ticked' by HandZipperLite for installation to the Device by default. So look first to see if there are
    eg: More than one language and untick what you don't want.

    Download= .php File:
    If the file you have downloaded to the card ends in .php then simply use your file manager to change to .zip or .prc whichever the original download was.

    Can't download from website ?
    I have found that when I go to FreewarePalm I often (but not always) get the Error Message "This Page is too large to be displayed" but this message appears at about 105k and after I Tap OK, the page loads and is not much bigger.
    However, when I Tap on a ZIP to download I get the same "This Page is too large ..." message followed by:
    "There is not enough memory available on your device.
    You can free up memory by deleting Files or moving them to an expansion card"

    I have 83MB (71%) free memory so memory is not a problem.
    After I Tap OK, if I had selected to save to Device I get the message:
    "Download Failed"
    If I had selected to save to the Card I get the message:
    "Save to card Failed
    'filename' could not be saved to card.
    Make sure the card is not locked, and try again"

    My card is not locked.

    To get around this problem at FreewarePalm and possibly other Sites go to:
    Tick 'Disable Javascript'
    You will need to 'Refresh' the page (Circle Arrows on TopBar)
    However, this may also mean you can't view a website at all and you will get the message:
    We're sorry, but your browser must have JavaScript enabled to view our site...
    Even when you can view the site you may lose some functions.
    See This page is too large to be displayed above for more details.

    :cool: WiFi Hotspots:
    JiWire has a list of WiFi HotSpots in different countries. It's not great but may help.

    :cool: Blazer @ Hotels, Airports, Free WiFi HotSpots etc:
    Many Hotels, Airports, free WiFi HotSpots etc require you to go through and sometimes login to their HomePage to access the internet.
    If you can't get to that Homepage to login then try this:

    &#8226; Launch Blazer and go to
    &#8226; Select, Start With: BlankPage
    &#8226; Exit Blazer and tap the WiFi Icon on the BottomBar and make sure it is Off.
    &#8226; Launch Blazer then tap the WiFi Icon again and turn On.
    &#8226; Scan for or choose the Hotel.
    &#8226; Tap Connect
    If the Homepage does not come on screen then:
    &#8226; Launch a BookMark eg: Google
    Hopefully the Homepage will come up and you can login :)

    If you get to the Homepage but you still have a problem with seeing the LogIn text box or maybe the Go/Submit button, then:
    &#8226; Blazer>Menu>Options>Preferences>General>FastMode
    &#8226; Tick 'Disable cascading style sheets' and exit Menu.
    &#8226; Tap the LightningBolt icon on the TopBar and make sure 'FastMode' is selected.
    NOTE: You may have to 'RefreshPage' (CircleArrows icon on the TopBar) or even start again from the beginning (see above)
    The Login text box or Go/Submit button should show after doing this

    :cool: BrightHand- Modes:
    If you go to the bottom left of this or any BH page you will see
    - - Brighthand Default
    in a rectangle box.
    If you tap on that you will get other options
    - - Plain Style
    - - Mobile
    - - Mobile2 Mobile2 is the most compressed and fastest. Mobile has images and Post date plus a few other extras so it is the one I use the most.
    :cool: BrightHand- Todays Posts:
    I think the Todays Posts is a better option than New Posts because if you read a few New Posts, then exit, when you come back later you can only see the new and updated posts since your last visit, so:

    If you have a fast connection:
    Lucky you :) Obviously, viewing BH in 'Plain Style' is the best. This is done by going to near the bottom left of the BH Page and selecting:
    - - Plain Style (See 'BrightHand- Modes:' above).

    Then go to:
    Blazer>Menu>Options>Preferences>General>FastMode and Tick
    'Disable cascading style sheets'

    When you want to view BH:
    Tap the LightningBolt icon on the TopBar of Blazer and select FastMode then launch the BH page and you will see Todays Posts is listed on the page.

    If you have a slow connection:
    The best way to view BH is in
    - - BrightHand Mobile or
    - - BrightHand Mobile 2
    Unfortunately, in the Mobile Modes you only get to choose New Posts but Todays Posts can also be viewed by using:

    MobileLeap Choose 'BrightHand default' or Plain style' so that you can also view Todays Posts and you get to see which Forum the Post is in plus you can Tap on Page# or Last Page. Login is remembered. Use the address:

    Skweezer and selecting
    - - BrightHand.
    Use in the same way as MobileLeap but you have to LogIn again if you have exited Blazer (Skweezer is not on the BH 'WhiteList')

    Using just Blazer and not Skweezer or MobileLeap, you can also go to (thanks jigwashere):
    NOTE: Write this address in a Bookmark or whatever as Tapping on the above Link will result in the page address having a number at the end and this number changes.
    Here you can see Todays Posts while in one of the Mobile Modes but you do not get to see which Forum the Post is in plus no Page# or Last Page

    :cool: BrightHand Post Tips
    A few tips for adding extras to your Post here at BrightHand.

    Attach an Image to BH Post (thanks RickAgresta)

    Necessary SetUp
    &#8226; To attach an image to your Post at BH you first need to know the PathName for the image. From the Expansion Card this will be eg:
    &#8226; 'Disable Cascading Style Sheets' must not be selected (Ticked)
    So: Blazer must be in 'Normal Mode' (TopBar, LightningBolt icon)
    &#8226; Go to almost the bottom left of the BH page and Select 'Plain Style'
    or 'Brighthand Default' not 'Mobile' or 'Mobile2'

    Posting with Attachment
    &#8226; Near the bottom of the BH page you will see 'Go Advanced', select this.
    &#8226; Write your Post (Copy it is a good idea ;))
    &#8226; Select 'Preview Post' then select 'Add Attachments' (If you don't see 'Add Attachments' then select 'Preview Post' again)
    &#8226; Write the image PathName eg:
    (A list of accepted image types and size is shown near the bottom of the BH page plus see below)
    &#8226; Tap 'Upload'
    &#8226; After successfully uploading Tap 'Close Window' at the bottom of the page and wait.
    The previous 'Add attachments' page will appear.
    &#8226; Tap 'Close Window' at the bottom of the page again.
    &#8226; Select 'Preview Post'
    &#8226; If all looks good select 'Submit Reply'

    List of accepted image types and size:
    Filetype: doc Max Filesize 19.5 KB
    Filetype: gif Max Filesize 195.3 KB Max Width1024 Max Height 768
    Filetype: jpe Max Filesize 195.3 KB Max Width 620 Max Height 280
    Filetype: jpeg Max Filesize 195.3 KB
    Filetype: jpg Max Filesize 97.7 KB
    Filetype: pdf Max Filesize 195.3 KB
    Filetype: png Max Filesize 195.3 KB
    Filetype: psd Max Filesize 19.5 KB
    Filetype: txt Max Filesize 19.5 KB
    Filetype: zip Max Filesize 97.7 KB

    BH Codes: Quote, Link etc in Mobile Mode
    If you are using Mobile Mode you can still Quote other's Posts or add Links by copying the text and pasting it in the vBulletin Codes eg:
    [quote=Name Here]Quoted Text Here[/quote]
    The full list of codes is at

    :cool: Blazer TextBox Limit:
    The TextBoxes in Blazer only allow 2045 characters (spaces etc included)
    I tested this in YahooMail Mobile, gMail Mobile and BrightHand.

    If you write a long email or BH Post in a Blazer TextBox you will find the limit as you will run out of space.
    If you prefer to write the email etc in Memos and Copy/Paste it to a Blazer TextBox later, how can you know when you have reached the 2045 characters limit?

    TX Quick Check: (Maybe Treo too)
    With the DIA (Keyboard/Grafitti) up the size is 8 'screens' (to be on the safe side)

    Character Amount Check:
    Install CutPaste5 which is very handy to have anyway.
    CutPaste5 will not appear in your Launcher, launch the Prefs app and scroll down to 'Other'
    Select CutPaste5 and then
    Menu>Activation methods:
    Tick CommandBar
    (See the CutPaste5 ReadMe for other Activation methods)

    While writing the Memo, to check the amount of characters go to
    Menu>Edit>Select All
    &#8226; Launch the CommandBar
    &#8226; Select the CutPaste5 'Copy' icon (it's the one on the left) and watch the screen.
    A number will appear for a very short time. eg: 1 2045
    The # 1 at the beginning is the Clipboard # and is not relavent to the character amount.
    (CutPaste5 has 3 clipboards, see the ReadMe for more info)
    The # 2045 (or whatever) is the amount of characters selected.
    &#8226; Write up to or edit down to 2045 characters then Copy using CutPaste5 and Paste to the Blazer TextBox.

    NOTE: The standard Palm clipboard will only Copy 1000 characters, more than that will get you the "Clipboard limit exceeded" message.
    If you wish to increase this limit you can use ClipExtendHack.

    If you use DAs you can also use LClipDA to Copy then Paste to the Blazer TextBox as it will also handle 2045 characters.
    Read more about LClipDA and ClipExtendHack in the Thread Clever Stuff DAs etc

    :cool: Blazer SpringClean- Normal & FileManager:
    There are 2 different ways to SpringClean Blazer, the 'Normal' method is good enough but the 'FileManager' method is a complete cleanup .
    Choose which is convenient for you.
    I do a SpringClean on a regular basis (every 2 weeks) and it keeps Blazer running smoothly :)
    It is also the first thing I do any time Blazer seems to give me any trouble.

    You will notice that in both these methods, Cookies are not Cleared in Blazer but Deleted completely, this is much better.

    Blazer Spring Clean Normal
    1) Press the Home button to launch Applications (Palm Launcher) and go to:
    Select the file 'Blazer Cookies' and Delete it.
    Don't worry, the next time you launch Blazer, a new 'Blazer Cookies' database will be created.
    NOTE: You will lose all stored cookies. and need to log in again at all sites.

    2) Launch Blazer and Tap the World icon on the Top Bar.
    Select 'History' and then 'Clear All'
    NOTE: It seems that 'History' and 'Clear All' do not exist on the LifeDrive so I recommend doing a FileManager Method

    3) Still in Blazer, go to:
    Tap 'Clear Cache'
    I have Ticked 'Clear Cache on Exit' but that is up to you.

    Blazer Spring Clean using a FileManager
    This is how I do a Blazer 'spring clean' using a FileManager. I will use FileZ as an example but I think any FileManager will work in similar way also.

    Launch FileZ and tap 'View and Edit Files' then tap 'Internal'
    Scroll down the list and you will see these files there:

    Blazer BF-History
    Blazer CacheHistory
    Blazer Cookies
    Blazer Field Autofill
    Blazer Find Autofill
    Blazer URL Autofill

    Tap these files and a Tick will appear on the left, if you accidently Tick a wrong file just tap it again.
    NOTE: Do not select Blazer Bookmarks as you will (obviously) delete all your Bookmarks.

    When happy with your selection go to Menu and select Delete.

    Don't worry, all these files will be recreated :)

    NOTE: You will lose all stored cookies. and need to log in again at all sites.

    &#8226; Do a 'Blazer SpringClean' using the FileManager method
    &#8226; Lauch Blazer and LogIn at your favorite websites plus set any preferences (eg: LogIn at BrightHand and select Mobile view)
    Only visit the websites you want to LogIn at
    &#8226; Exit Blazer and launch your FileManager
    &#8226; Copy 'Blazer Cookies' to a handy spot on your expansion card
    &#8226; The next time you do a 'Blazer SpringClean' (using the FileManager method, it is much better) simply Copy the saved 'Blazer Cookies' from your expansion card to RAM. You are now logged in and preferences are set.
    One thing though, if the website automatically logs you out after a time period (eg: Yahoo mail after 14 days) then you will have to re-enter your password.

    :cool: Mobile website- Cookies don't stick:
    If you use Blazer to access a mobile version website and find that you have to log in all the time try this:

    Go to the website's full version page (not mobile) and log in.
    After this the mobile version Cookies should stick.
    If you still have problems you may have to delete your Cookies and try again.
    See: Blazer SpringClean- Normal & FileManager

    A trick that works at some websites is:
    After logging in you get the message
    "You have successfully logged in. Click here if your Browser does not automaticaly redirect you" (or something like that).
    Tap that message immediately it appears.
    Helps sometimes but not always.

    :cool: Blazer Freeze?:
    If your Device seems to 'freeze' while Blazer is trying to go to a website then try tapping the arrowhead to the left of http:// in the web address bar and wait up to 30 seconds.
    Hopefully a list will drop down, then select a 'good' web address.

    :cool: Blazer Friendly Sites:

    PDA friendly sites list:
    PdaPortal and LudusTechPortal both have a list of PDA friendly sites.

    Blazer friendly Freeware Downloads:
    Softppedia Google> appname
    Freewarepalm Google> appname
    PalmFreewareMobi Google> appname site:
    MyTreo Google> appname

    Blazer friendly Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote etc

    The best Blazer friendly Wikipedia format I have found is the wonderfull Wikipedia by 7val
    Don't go to the standard (original) Wikipedia site with Blazer, it's just too big.
    EDIT 31st August 08: The standard Wikipedia site seems to be getting more Mobile friendly but I still like the 7val version :)

    Also Wiktionary by 7val and Wikiquote by 7val

    NOTE: You can only be view the standard Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wikiquotes websites properly in Fast Mode, so go to:
    Blazer>Menu>Options>Preferences>General and select Fast Mode and tick the box
    'Disable Cascading Style Sheets'
    Tap on the Lightning Bolt icon on the top bar of Blazer and select Fast Mode

    There is also Wapedia but this will split what is one Wikipedia page into 3>4 pages.

    And the handy TheFreeDictionary which seems to search Wikipedia and Wiktionary and other sites as well.

    :cool: Handy Apps:
    ChronMemo by Alex Pruss links to Palm Memos so the same memos appear in both. ChronMemoDA is included in the zip file.
    I use ChronMemoDA to copy text from Blazer to Memos for later reading and from Memos to the Blazer textbox.

    To Copy Text from Blazer to Memos:
    First you just need to go into Blazer>Menu>Preferences and make sure that "Tap and Drag" is set to select text.
    Select (highlight) the text then use the CommandBar copy or Blazer>Menu>Edit>Copy then tap the screen to get rid of the highlight.
    Launch ChronMemoDA and paste the text.

    To Copy Text from Memos to Blazer:
    Launch ChronMemoDA on top of Blazer and go to the required text and highlight then Copy.
    Exit ChronMemoDA then use CommandBar paste or Blazer>Menu>Edit>Paste to paste in the Blazer textbox.

    daMemoPad is similar to ChronMemoDA.
    You can read about it here

    TeikeiDA will allow you to keep a lot of web addresses on hand.
    You can read about it here

    SharkLinks is a free application that lets you launch web sites from any Palm OS launcher.
    Go into SharkLinks, tap New, enter the link's name and URL, and tap Save. The links will appear in your Launcher as if they were applications.

    This can also be done in the Favorites app.
    select WebLink.

    I am sure I have missed many things so any other Tips and Tricks would be greatly appreciated :D

    Updates to this Post
    12th August 08:
    Added Save Source to Memo: section
    Added MobileLeap update (Updated to v2.11u on 16th July 08 and faster) to Compressing WebSites:
    Added the BAB2000 quote to BrightHand- Modes: section. Thanks BAB2000 :)

    12th November 08:
    Added new section Blazer TextBox Limit:
    Added Disable Javascript info to This page is too large to be displayed: section
    Added Can't download from website ? Disable Javascript info to Blazer to download: section

    13th November 08:
    Added Image too small: section. Thanks Rick Agresta :)

    All the best, woz of oz
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    Happy Anniversary, woz, my friend. :)

    As usual, all I can say is "Wow!" :newpalm:

    And knowing that you posted that from TriX makes it even more impressive. :cool: :cool: :cool:
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    Very nice, and happy anniversary!

    Here are my 2 tips:

    1. You can copy web pages to your SD card (using a reader) and view entering file://card_name/filename.htm in the address bar.

    2. Save web pages and view them on your PC. Use FileZ to copy the saved pages from BUILTIN to the SD card, change the file extention to .mht, then open in your desktop browser.

    EDIT: Thanks for mentioning Sharklinks, again. I've only had occasion to use this once, but I really like the result! :)
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    @ lelisa13p:
    I composed it in Memos but the Blazer textboxes will not allow such a big post so:
    I copied to the card using CardTXT then went to a CyberCafe and used my Transcend Compact CardReader so I could Copy/Paste here. Done :)

    Thanks for the tips, very clever and thanks for first mentioning SharkLinks to me :)

    I am doing a test and if someone wants to test it also that would be great :)
    Why? because I originaly put some more info in BrightHand- Todays Posts but after posting the address had changed :confused:

    First, go to BH in Blazer and change to Mobile or Mobile2 if necessary.

    Copy the following and join them to form one long web address.

    Write/paste the address in the Blazer addressbar or World Icon or Bookmarks and Go.

    Do you get BH Search results
    Posts from Last Day (Todays Posts)
    even though you are in Mobile?
    If yes I will put it back in the OP.

    This has worked for me :)

    Nope, doesn't seem to work when I write the address in but this address is from Blazer Bookmarks and that does work, very strange :confused:

    For those interested in how I found the above Todays Posts link:

    I used the Todays Posts link in BH - - Plain Style and copied the address:
    but the #s at the end of this address change so it does not work every day.

    I used the Todays Posts link in Skweezer and copied the address:

    So then I joined:

    All the best, woz of oz
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    That didn't work, but try this:

    Also, there's to get new posts since you're last visit (which is what I bookmark).

    Finally, RickAgresta has this (and others) in his signature line: Palm Related Posts
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    :cool: Thanks jig
    I will put that in the OP next time I am near a Cyber Cafe :)

    Silly me though, the first link you supplied was (I think) the address that it got changed to in the post but I panicked and deleted it.

    I think I just don't understand Chunky Computers or they just don't understand me :D
    Whatever, I've got a new (refurbished) TX to play with but more on that in another thread :p

    All the best, woz of oz
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    A couple more tips/tricks :)

    Adding "PalmOne Files" will allow you to open local files off your external card. If yo don't legally own PalmOne Files (from the T5/LD and new Treos), you can still use/buy TreoOfflineViewer (it works on the TX too).

    To make Blazer look its best, you can skin it with NetSkinner. There are some nice skins available, including but not limited to my very own CrystalBlaze ;)

    Local Files can be bookmarked like regular Webpages, so you can easily access them (I do this with some handy local Websites I've made).

    If you find you can't load a page because it has to many images/to big, clear our DbCache! You can load a lot of images with a free DbCache!

    If I remember more I'll post them later.... ;)
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    Some more....

    Enabling the Palm OS Easter Egg (Google it!), will allow you to save the source of the current web page to the Memo app. Just don't do this on really huge sites, it gives me a crash!

    If you want a little more room to view a web page, the address bar can be taken off screen, just look in the preferences.

    If you have the select text option clicked instead of scroll page, double tapping a word will select that word, and triple tapping will select the whole group of text.

    Once again if I think of more I'll post again (I'm running out!).
  9. BAB2000

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    Very good post Woz, applied a Sticky to this thread, so it will found near top of the TX forum.;)
  10. jigwashere

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    You might consider moving this to Applications/Utilities (Palm OS) since I use these tips on my 755p, too. :)

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