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Discussion in 'Site Suggestions, Help and Announcements' started by Antoine Wright, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. Antoine Wright

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    Greetings Ed (really, those decision makers at TT);
    Some of the TT network really thrives well off of the activity from the various blogs. There's solid discussion, and in many cases, the SEO juice is easy to see.

    In some of the older communities here, there's the difference in forums being a place where the discussion and solid SEO juice seems to happen (ignoring the purchasing guides and reviews for now).

    Problem: BH has a blog, but comments/discussion doesn't flow to the forum without manual work. To comment on the blog, you need a separate account from the one whihc exists for the forum(s).

    Possible solution: create a separate thread for blog discussion(s), to which - like the headline news - a post on the blog will automatically generate discussion threads that point to the forum. Nix the separate login/comment for the blog, and like the headline news section, integrate it with the existing system.

    I know (from experience) the pain that Headline News was to put together; and how easily such a feature can break. But, does it really make sense to keep the blog and the forum so separate - there's better SEO juice for TT if addressed, and overall more conversations and eyeballs to the community that makes up another aspect of the TT properties.

    Anyone else feel similar?
  2. Varjak

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    I do think BH is WAY too segregated. Some of it I guess is necessitated by making BH show up in searches; but I've always hated tail-wagging-the-dog thinking.

    I've noted before how annoying it is to bury full articles in 'posts' that say something about: 'New Android phone released discussion.' Please.

    Frankly, I'm full up, so I don't check the blog unless items from it appear on the forum, so some kind of linkage would be good; but I'd be annoyed if the items were similarly buried like the articles are. It's just a hassle.

    And I HATE the separate logins. I gave in and registered for the Notebook site (I think); but no more. If the Blog requires a separate log in, I won't bother.
  3. r0k

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    I agree. I've got dozens (if not hundreds) of logins and I don't understand the need to add a half dozen more of 'em just for BH and its sister sites.

    Of course when TT grows up and takes over the world, all we will ever need is our BH login. But until then, wouldn't it be nice to reduce the number of logins associated with TT sites? I have a BH login and a couple of more logins for TT sites. There are separate profiles, separate passwords, separate avatar settings, separate post counts and, oh yes, separate rep counts :p. Around BH I'm a 7K+ post old timer but at the other TT sites I'm a noob. I must admit, BH is the only one I check (almost) daily.
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