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Discussion in 'Other Device Manufacturers' started by GDragon, May 27, 2006.

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  1. GDragon

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    Please post your favorite free apps that are stable on the TX. A short description and link to the download would be helpful too.

    I'll start off by listing some I've found. Later I'll edit the list to include links to other apps in this thread... so people can reference the list all in one post.

    Thanks in advance if you decide to pitch in. I can't wait to find out more about good free apps available for the TX.

    Disclaimer: The following applications have been reported to work with the TX but this is not a guarantee they will be problem free. Like medicine, interactions with other apps can be unpredictable. Please backup your valuable data before testing new applications.

    List edited to include apps thru post #15
    Free Apps for the Palm TX
    [URL=""]1st AID[/URL]
    Information to deal with common urgent and emergency care situations.
    [URL=""]Agile Messenger[/URL]
    ICQ/AIM program. Beta version is free.
    Allows you to change the auto-off timer to between 10 seconds - 1 hour or always on.
    Early version of Hop. Designate a hard button to act like the power button.
    Synchronize mobile versions of web content for offline viewing.
    [URL=""]BackUp Lite[/URL]
    Backup data to SD card.
    Bible reader with lots of features.
    Assign apps to hard buttons, including 5-way.
    Much better calculator than the built in one, can copy and paste, has more functions, etc.
    Word processor/reader. Creates/reads .TXT and .PDB files. Saves/reads from SD card.
    Color theme editor with import and export.
    Configurable money exchange rate converter. Can use downloadable updated exchange rate database.
    32K clipboard for cut/copy/paste text operations. Multiple clipboard buffers.
    [URL=""]DA Launcher[/URL] (Desk Accessory launcher)
    Launch small programs without leaving the current application.
    [URL=""]Destaller Lite[/URL]
    Remove files left by some programs after uninstall. Shows file associations.
    [URL=""]Directory Assistant[/URL]
    Look up phone numbers, addresses, reverse lookup. Add results to address book. Uses WiFi.
    Game with objective of making money by buying and selling illicit narcotics.
    Free maps. Can download databases of areas you need to Palm or SD card.
    [URL=""]Emerald Sounds[/URL]
    A collection of system midi sounds.
    File manager with system/card information and preference viewer.
    [URL=""]Handy Shopper[/URL]
    Full featured list creator with many uses. Very good interface.
    Compiles important dates from other Palm programs into one place.
    Assign hard and 5-way buttons actions such as switch off, screen rotate, (many others).
    [URL=""]Icon Manager[/URL]
    Icon creator for database programs such as Handy Shopper.
    Full featured native calendar app.
    [URL=""]LJP[/URL] (Little John PalmOS)
    GB/SNES/Genesis/NES/TG16/Whatever emulator. Lots of great games.
    Medical calculator and reference.
    Public transportation schedule reference for all major cities.
    Drawing/painting program. Layers/transparency/blending and more. Import/export .BMP from/to SD card.
    Very stable backup program. Does not require hard reset before restore.
    Turn off Palm device by opening app.
    Free chess program.
    Brings up "Owner" screen that is in Preferences. Handy if TX is lost.
    Japanese language learning tool. Draw kanji on screen for lookup. Works well with WDic.
    [URL=""]Palm File Browser[/URL]
    Browse SD card and TX internal memory without HotSync. Computer app is Windows only.
    PDF reader that does not require conversion first.
    [URL=""]Parking Lot[/URL]
    Record info, make notes and draw diagram of where your car is parked.
    [URL=""]Plucker[/URL] / [URL=""]Sunrise[/URL]
    Offline browser/viewer. Save a webpage, sync it, view it offline.
    Track medical information such as allergies, medications, surgeries, and illnesses.
    [URL=""]Resco Locker[/URL]
    Locks applications in memory so they are more stable with TX NVFS.
    Advanced hard button customizer. Macro recording.
    Enhanced shortcut preference panel. Dot notation, large definitions and macros.
    Screen capture to .BMP on SD card. Does not capture status bar or Graffiti area.
    Pop up calculator from within any application. Copy result to underlying application.
    [URL=""]Sol Free[/URL]
    Five solitaire card games.
    Solitaire game in which poker hand scores must be obtained.
    .WAV recorder for use with microphone mods. Saves to internal memory or SD card.
    [URL=""]Space Trader[/URL]
    Sci-Fi buying and selling space game. Logic and story based.
    Postage calculator for shipping type (domestic/first class/airmail). Weight option.
    Video and audio player for most formats. Many settings for video and audio.
    [URL=""]Tide Tool[/URL]
    Displays tide and current graphs and tables. Sun/Moon rise and set times. Moon phases.
    [URL=""]TX Home Button[/URL] (bottom of page)
    Adds home button to status bar and gives a pop-up of recently used apps with long press.
    Addictive block moving and matching game with many level packs.
    Timer/alarm clock. Easy to set quick alarms.
    Use any dictionary file with .DIC extension. Comes with a DA for lookup within any app.
    [URL=""]YAUC[/URL] (Yet Another Unit Converter)
    Supports 585 units in 40 categories.
    Screen capture to .PCX on SD card. It is able to capture status bar and Graffiti area.
  2. Sydney Bristow

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    I use most of the apps you mentioned. Some additional apps i use include:

    Earthcomber - Good free maps - can download databases of which areas you need to your palm or sd card.

    Agile Messenger - Free ICQ/AIM program

    Medcalc - Good med reference for those in the medical field

    WatchMaker - Good timer/alarm clock app that makes it easy to set quick alarms

    Plucker / Sunrise - nice offline browser/viewer - save a webpage, sync it,and view it offline on your TX

    C4Me Calc - Much better calculator than the built in one, can copy and paste, has more functions, etc.

    LJP - GB/SNES/Genesis/NES/TG16/Whatever emulator - lots of great games!

    Openchess - free chess :)

    Space trader - interesting game - go around trading stuff (i'm too lazy to type out the entire premise of the game)

    Metro - public transportation schedule reference for all major cities in the world

    edit: Added links to titles.
    - Then after i finished doing that, I realized that GDragon already did all the work for me earlier and searched for my titles. Thanks!
  3. WyreNut

    WyreNut Palm Aficionado

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    Though people either love it or hate it, I'm a fan of AvantGo! I get the daily news (USA Today), my local weather (, Palm news (Palm, A Joke of the Day (, and Yahoo mail, all synced wirelessly without even needing the computer turned on! It's part of my normal morning routine - shaving, showering, and 'syncing! ;)

    It is advertisement-supported, but I just avoid them. :)

    Easy, one-handed navigation when you tell it to "use the hard keys" in options, and works as a web browser too!

  4. dogbarber

    dogbarber No one in particular...

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    I'm pretty big on Bible+. It's amazing how powerful this lil' bugger is...AND IT'S FREE!
  5. minimalposter

    minimalposter some call me ... mp

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    I am surprised more members do not use Kmaps. It uses google maps which is really full featured!!! You do need java downloads though
  6. Sydney Bristow

    Sydney Bristow Garner Girl

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    Kmaps? I've never heard of that one. Looking into it now. :)
  7. LouP

    LouP Mobile Deity

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    I thought I was the only one who needed everything lol :D
  8. ward.smith

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    I use many of the apps listed above as well as:
    1. Off-It [turn off by opening app]
    2.Au dodo [designate a hard button to act like the power button]
    3.KSDatebook [better than native calendar app]
    4. TideTool [a must for all surfers]
    5.Owner [open app to show owner info- good if your Tx is lost]
    6. 1st Aid [helpful in an emergency]
    7.ButtonsEx {\[allows different button configurations]
    8.Currency [great for the traveller]
    9.CutPaste [multiple clipboards and more accessible]
    10.Dopewars [game]
    11. Emerald Sounds [more alarm sounds]
    12.ParkingLot [don't forget where your car is parked]
    13.ProfileMD [keep track of your health]
    14.ShortCut5 [more versatile than native app]
    15.snapcalc5 [open calulator in any app]
    16. Sol Free [game]
    17.solitaire [game]
    18. SolPok [game]
    19.Stamps [stamp calculator]
    20.tcmp [video viewer]
    21. TotalCAr [keep track of everything for yhour car]
    22.Tx Home Icon
    23.YAUC [conversion calculator]

    All can be found either at PalmGear of FreewarePalm.
  9. kirax2

    kirax2 Mobile Evangelist

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    What a great thread!

    I love DA Launcher, which lets me launch small programs without leaving the program I'm in. is a fantastic button customizer, lets you record macros and everything. One of only 2 apps that lets you assign a button to functions like the virtual keyboard, command bar, last app, etc. - and the ONLY free one! Note: there is a small bug that causes the 5-way to jump 2 fields up or down when this app is enabled. I wrote to the developers about it, and recommend you do, too. :)

    I also really like Destaller Lite. It helps me keep my Palm from becoming cluttered with bits of discarded programs, and lets me see exactly what files are associated with each application.

    BackUp Lite is a nice little backup program from the same developer. I tried it out once and it worked very well.

    Since I installed Resco Locker and locked my unstable applications, I've had a lot fewer crashes!

    Palm File Browser lets you browse your SD Card (and your Palm!) directly from your PC without going through the hotsyncing software that Palm provides. Lets you use your TX like a card reader. Intuitive and great for adding "non-approved" file types, manipulating files, and generally much easier than Palm's way.

    WDic is a nice program by a Japanese developer that lets you use any dictionary file with a .dic extension, including a free version of Webster's 1911 English dictionary. Comes with a nice desk accessory for use with DA Launcher, so you can look up words without leaving the program you're in. See the Dictionary WDic page on Peter Rivard's site for more info and links.

    And finally, the king of free programs for the student of Japanese: PADict. Awesome program that lets you use your Palm like a denshi jisho (electronic kanji dictionary), draw kanji right on your Palm and search for it, etc. When used with WDic and the WDicDA, makes an AWESOME combination! See the Super Dictionary site for links and more details.

    Hope these help someone.
  10. schmintan

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    with kmaps, can you download and save a map to your palm device, for when you dont have internet access?
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