Battery replacement for Palm T3- is it this easy??

Discussion in 'Palm' started by StephenT3, Jul 3, 2012.

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    I just noticed yet another reason why it's absolutely impossible to open the T3 as shown in that video: take a look at the ribbon cable, it starts on the bottom front half of the slider, then curves around the bottom, runs along the back half of the slider, then it's glued to the back half of the case and enters the pit. So the cable runs 180º around the T3's bottom. No way to split the case in two, as it would tear the ribbon apart. Perhaps this is why the guy on the video does not press the buttons (except for the power button, which is mounted on the front half of the case). I'm sure the T3 on the video does not have the screws and metal plate on the bottom of the case, and its ribbon cable is already disconnected, and most probably it has been completely removed from the unit.

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