Apple's iPhone XS Has A Serious Problem

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    I’ve said it before: what Apple’s iPhone XS (details) and iPhone XS Max (details) get right, they get very right indeed. But it’s now clear their biggest weakness is not just about saving money (and making the iPhone XR look good), it’s connected a fundamental flaw that may require a recall… In short: many of Apple’s new iPhones refuse to charge. The news comes following a flurry of customer complaints across Apple Support Communities, Reddit, MacRumors forums, Twitter and YouTube. And YouTube’s most popular tech channel has now shown off how widespread this is.

    Speaking to me ahead of publishing, Lewis Hilsenteger – aka Unbox Therapy – told me of “hundreds” of posts detailing a phenomenon whereby the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max won’t charge if they are plugged into a wall charger when in standby. Moreover, some of the phones become frozen and have to be reset. Curious about how widespread this is, Hilsenteger attained eight iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models and connected them to the standard charger Apple bundles in the box. Of the eight only two (one iPhone XS, one iPhone XS Max) worked correctly and charged from standby. Five of the other six (two iPhone XS, three iPhone XS Max) refused to charge until their screens were woken up, while one iPhone XS Max refused to charge under any circumstances and froze for several minutes when the charger was inserted.

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