Apple No Longer Considered "Cool" to Next-Gen Smartphone Adopters Discussion

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    After years of being the coolest kid on the block, Apple may be losing its edge when it comes to impressing the next-generation of smartphone adopters, according to the youth marketing agency Buzz Marketing Group, who claims the Cupertino-company is 'so yesterday' in the eyes of teens.

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    I perceive that significant factors in this trend, may be that the Apple devices are costly, difficult to tweak, and confined to a closed ecosystem. Kids do not always get their digital tech through their parents. They also work part times, and save their allowances in order to get them on their own. It is very hard that a teen's economy can afford a MacBook, or an iPhone. They can reach easier for a BB or an Android device, and a netbook, for instance. If the 'cool thing' under the scope is not the whole of a device, but perhaps a given functionality, and the iPhone doesn't have it, not just every kid is gonna know how to jailbreak it.

    In Mexico, almost everybody and his cousin would like an iPhone, and there's a gazillion of them over here, but BB keeps its turf because it's comparatively affordable, especially with a monthly plan (OK, like if you didn't know :) ). iPhones are considered the coolest of all things, something like the pinnacle of the Industrial Revolution, but the d_mn thing is pricy like hell, even with the monthly plan. So people can say 'maybe later' and then they go with an Android device, or preferably a BB.

    Again, excellent contribution, Valerie.
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    I have seen a significant trend towards the young and trendy people in the Philippines towards Samsung phones. This used to be a mighty Nokia stronghold and not too long ago, the Blackberry and iPhone grabbed the minds of the social elite. But these days even their celebrities are flashing Samsungs. Seems like a representative trend growing in Asia.

    If you ever watch those popular Korean soap operas, plenty in Hulu Plus, Crunchyroll and Netflix, the stars are often seen using their Galaxy S3s and Notes. For what Samsung paid for inshow advertising, it was well worth their Won. And considering how popular these shows are to Asians, young, old, especially the women...

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