AP: "Apple Maps, once a laughingstock, now dominates iPhones"

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  1. Ed Hardy

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    The Associated Press has published an article that begins:

    Apple Maps quickly became the butt of jokes when it debuted in 2012. It overlooked many towns and businesses and misplaced famous landmarks. It marked New York's Madison Square Garden arena as park space because of the word "Garden." The service was a rare blunder for a company known for simple, easy-to-use products.

    It's a different story three years later.​

    You can read the full article at:

    I'm pointing this mostly to say: if you use Apple Maps every day because it's the one that came on your iPhone, you should really switch to Google Maps. It's way better.

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  2. headcronie

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    Just for fun, my spouse and I decided to compare Apple Maps to Google Maps. The results were very humorous. Three years later, and Apple Maps is still a screw up. Three years later, and people use Apple Maps, because it came on their phone and don't know better. That is pretty telling in itself.

    Apple Maps never got us to our destination. Directed us at closed roads, and knew nothing of recently opened roads. Google knew of a road opened only the week previous.

    My spouse now has Google Maps installed and has written off Apple Maps.
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  3. r0k

    r0k Dazed

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    I don't know if Apple is doing something underhanded in iOS, but I've had to bail on Google Maps. First of all, if I have it installed, Chrome and Gmail open Google Maps without asking. Then I find myself with my destination filled in but my starting point blank. Hey. There's something on the phone called G.P.S. Fill in my starting point for me so I can go already! Meanwhile, when I fully uninstall Google Maps even Gmail and Chrome must accept the fact Apple Maps is all I have and I get my destination AND my starting point already filled in. Then I get tapped on my wrist (Apple Watch) for turns and I can turn off Siri's voice prompts and glance at the display when she taps me. She taps me 3 times if I'm in the wrong lane to make the required turn. As for being guided to an abandoned warehouse or dead end road, I've seen this on all mapping services. I have an in-car nav system that hasn't been updated since some time in 2008 so it's missing entire freeways but it still works. It's humorous to drive around in what the nav system thinks is a corn field when I'm really in the parking lot of a big box store built over 5 years ago. Back when I used Google Maps, I appreciated that it had (at the time) better updates and better traffic. Now Siri taps me on my wrist when I'm in a meeting to let me know it's time to leave for my next appointment based on where I am, where I need to go and real time traffic conditions. I get there early but not too early. And. Never. Late.

    I remember when I first got my iPhone 5, I was visiting a city in Taiwan in an industrial park that was right on the ocean. Apple Maps thought I was in the middle of the South China Sea! Very laughable. I even took a screenshot so I could poke fun at Apple Maps at the time. I exclusively used Google Maps though I don't seem to remember having to always put in my starting point like I do now and at the time I liked it a lot better than Apple Maps. That was then. This is now. Is Apple Maps inherently better than Google Maps? Who cares. It works for me.
  4. jigwashere

    jigwashere Life is a circus!

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    Google Maps usually works well for me. I have Here installed, though, and should use it more so I can compare.
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  5. questionfear

    questionfear Google'd.

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    We only use Google Maps on my wife's iPhone. Apple Maps is...flakey, at best.

    And obviously I use Google Maps on my HTC One M8. I've found Google Maps is invaluable even when I'm just commuting, because it flags traffic for me and reroutes me accordingly. (I know Waze does this too, but I'm used to Google Maps, and it does a nice job).

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