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Anyone familiar with Clear Temp for handhelds. Removes cache?

Discussion in 'PDAs and Handhelds' started by JackdaShack, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. JackdaShack

    JackdaShack Newbie

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    Well I have it and when I run it some of the boxes I check do not seem to clear the cache. It will report so much cache was cleared but some the checked boxes still have a figure, as if uncleared, next to them. I thought un-install it and re-install it but how would you do that? Fact is, I do have a small REMOVE PROGRAMS program and it doesn't show Clear Temp as being present?

    Any help greatly appreciated. But this forum looks dying ... liked PDA's I guess. But what can I do. Mine is still working like a charm! It's sometimes easier to carry this than my tablet into places I go. Thanks! jack ":-D
  2. RickAgresta

    RickAgresta boldly battling the XenForo-ces {squeek!!}

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    sorry, no experience with the iPaq Classic Handheld...assuming that's the device you're speaking of?
  3. Adama D. Brown

    Adama D. Brown Brighthand Reviewer

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    Some files you just won't be able to clear, if they were deposited by the system or are currently in use.
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