Android Smartphone app for bluetooth connection to hearing aids

Discussion in 'Android OS' started by Jerry_NJ, Feb 7, 2020.

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    i have the current Costco KS9 hearing aids which supports Bluetooth and works well with my Android 6 LG Rebel 3 smartphone as far as streaming from phone and for telephone answer and talking, using microphone in aids to talk over telephone. The KS9 recommends using Android Easy Line Remote application to control program selection and control volume of hearing aids using the smartphone. The application is nearly worthless and interferes with the smartphone streaming and telephone functions. Looking for any suggestions on a better application or perhaps upgrade to newer Android (I in fact have a Rebel 4, with Android 7 but have not yet switched over)
    I have been told by a iPhone user, latest version, who also has KS9 hearing aids has similar problems with the apple app.
    Thanks Jerry_NJ
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    Jerry, I suspect this is a hard question for anyone to answer. I don't think there are good just general hearing aid apps-- they have to be compatible with your specific devices. You may have to deal with the app's support tech or the Costco audiologists office if they know the app. You may need to find out if the app has problems with older versions of Android or not. The reviews are pretty bad, but some people seem to have good success. But since that is the app compatible with your aids, you may be stuck with working it out.

    I'd be happy to find out I'm wrong, that there are general programs, but I know my wife's aids use a specific program (also with very mixed reviews). So far, she has chosen not to try it. Lol.

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