After hotsyncing to computer.... how do I view the data?

Discussion in 'Sync (Windows/Palm OS)' started by Nardog, Sep 20, 2017.

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    So, I can successfully hotsync the data from my meazura palm device to the computer, but, then I just get this list of files...(attached). But.. how do export all the data in these applications to say, a csv? There is so much data on my palm that I need in a spreadsheet. It goes with me in the field and I store all environmental rain data, etc. Hotsync lets me sync them back to the device, but that does me no good.



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    Welcome to Brighthand, Nardog.

    The list of files you show are the backup of the Palm's memory, which is copied to the computer to be used to restore the device in case of a hard reset or when migrating to another device. Ideally you should not have to use these files to retrieve or convert your data, because those files are the programs, settings, and system files that make your device work.

    Usually the best way to export the data is using PalmDesktop, although how you do it depends on the format of the data itself. What program are you using to record data? Are they notes in a memopad, or do you use a particular program to do it? If the former, then PalmDesktop allows you to export the data to other formats, by launching it, entering the Memos section (shown on the left pane of PalmDesktop), then on the menu bar you'll find the option to export part or all of the data. If the latter, then it depends on the program you're using. Usually, a program intended to record data will have a "conduit" which manages communication between device and computer, and usually integrates the export feature. Or, you may need a 3rd-party program to do so in your computer. I'm not familiar with Meazura devices, but from what little I know I recall they could use data modules for industrial applications. Probably these have their own programs and conduits. Try to identify what program you're using to record data, and what format it uses, and from there it may be possible to find a way to convert it to .csv or another format.

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