Aaack! Get rid of "Londdon"!!

Discussion in 'General Palm OS' started by Steve T, Nov 27, 2001.

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    "Town" field in UK Palms is better known as "City" in American Palms. As of OS 3.5 the device keeps a database of used names and uses this to 'auto-complete' the town as you type it.

    The same auto-complete feature is also provided for Company Names, Countries, States, and Titles.

    To 'reset' the Town list, I suggest you get a file utility like z'Catalog and delete the Palm database 'AddressCitiesDB'. Using the AddressBook will then create a new auto-complete database automatically.

    To reset the company, country, state, and title auto-complete databases, delete AddressCompaniesDB, AddressCountriesDB, AddressStatesDB, and AddressTitlesDB respectively.

    Use utilities like z'Catalog with some caution, and ensure your Palm has been backed up by a recent HotSync.

    Steve T
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