A Quick Guide to Cut, Copy, and Paste on the Palm Pre

Discussion in 'Palm' started by Ed Hardy, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. Ed Hardy

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    The Pre supports cut, copy, and paste, but I don't think the mechanism for doing this is intuitive, so I've put together a quick guide.

    To select text, hold down the Shift key and drag your finger over the text you want. This takes some practice, as the Pre tends to stop selecting text before I get to the end of the word. A hint: Drag way past where you think you think you should have to.

    To copy the text you've selected, you can use the drop-down box, but a faster way is to tap and hold on the gesture area* and then hit the C key. To paste, you hold down on the gesture area and hit the V key, while cutting is the same with the X key.

    You can use these functions in some applications, but not all. You can't use CCP in the web browser, for example.

    *The Gesture Area is directly below the screen, to the left and right of the Center Button
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  2. Varjak

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    I think the Pre is over complicated in combining screen gestures with gesture area gestures. To be fair, this is based on only about 30 minutes of use; but I really wonder why they've chosen some of the things they've chosen.

    As to 'overselecting' text, I prefer that to what happens on lots of things (esp. Microsoft Word on the PC) where it sometimes seems to INSIST I want the whole word (or sentence) when I don't, etc.
  3. sjweise

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    I like the hack on my Treo 680 where I hold down the shift button and use the D-pad to select text (then I just hit the drop down menu and the appropriate key). Hopefully someone will write something similar for the Pre.
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