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    Default win mobile 6 users...question

    Any or All winmobile 6 and dash users...

    does anyone have a sunburst type affect in the myfaves pictures? Ive noticed a white fade around all my pictures that are in my favs. I hate this as the effect is disturbing and takes away from the already very small picture and makes clearity bad. Please anyone w win mobile 6 upgrade please look at your myfavs circle pictures. Is this just on my phone?

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    Welcome to Brighthand, izzyinstl

    The glowing affect around the MyFav's pictures is a standard affect on all T-Mobile phones. I don't know how to make disappear, but I bet there might be a way to.
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    hello yorker - thanks for the answer - my fiance has the v3i d&g edition and her myfaves does not have the glow effect around it. I was able to work around the affect by finding the orig picture and replaced the cropped pic with it by renamming the orig uncropped pic to the cropped one and replacing the cropped one with it. The cropped pic lies in \Application Data\HTC\My Faves\100x100\ those pics have the cropped bubble glow affect. I find them annoying on my dash as they take away from the clarity. That affect is ok on large pics but these are so small already that it hurt the quality IMHO



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