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    Default can't view mms message content

    i have the text messaging package where i can get any kind of message, text, pic or video, but i received 2 mms messages and can't view them. i can see them in my inbox, and when i click on them all of the text info is there, like who sent it. i click on the download button, but nothing ever happens. i've looked in all the folders to see if content went into them but can't find any.

    i checked to make sure i have the gprs connection already set up, it's named T-Mobile MMS and was already on the phone. what else do i need to do to view the message content??

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    i talked with tech support today and asked them about viewing mms messages. they say i have to be connected to the internet, which seems a bit lame to me. but i can do this by connecting to wifi. i thought buying the text package would allow me to view the pic messages, and they didn't tell me when i bought the phone that i needed internet access. also, tech support said that i need to send myself an mms message to initiate the functionality, and they checked some settings on their end to make sure they were correct.

    in short, it works when i'm connected to the internet.



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