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    Unhappy HotSync Problem

    Message: The Connection between your handheld computer and the desktop was lost. Some of your data was not backed up. Please check your setup and try again. Problem is I have absolutely nothing on my Palm. This is serious.

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    Welcome to Brighthand Edith Iwan.

    I would suggest starting with Palm's Hotsync Troubleshooting Tool, which can be found on any device support page at

    This could be any number of things but without knowing what OS your computer uses, whether you are using a T|E or E2 and which port on your computer you sync with, I can only direct you there to start.
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    When you checked your setup and tried again what happened. This has happened to me before and I solved it with persistance. You need to give more detailed info so somebody can help you with this problem.

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    Yes, additional info would help.

    If connecting to USB port expander, then try a rear USB port on your PC. Port expanders can degrade the signal quality for the data transfer of the Palm and could contribute tothe problem you are experiencing.

    Good Luck
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