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    Default Treo 700P Hotsync problem

    I can hotsync with my new 700P at home but not at work on my laptop. When I plug in the cable windows does not reconize anything in the USB port. I've reinstalled, done a soft reset, basically every thing that Palm says to do in their troubleshooting quide but to no avail. Any recommendations? USB port works fine with other devices.

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    Welcome to Brighthand Forums.

    Anti-virus and firewall (and other apps) interfer with the install, everything that can be shut down should be when doing the install.

    The user account using the Palm Software should have admin rights and be logged in when doing the install and first Hotsync.

    The Windoze 'userswitcher' (or whatever it is called) should not be used, users must login and logout.

    The cable should not be connected until after the software is installed or Windoze just installs the generic drive instead of the Palm software. The Palm should be connected and powered on when you connect the cable.

    Open the control panel 'System' , Hardware tab, Device Manager (that shows a tree of all your hardware etc. Hook up your Treo and press the Hotsync Button and watch the list. What happens? If a new device call Palm Handheld (or Treo) does not show up the driver is not installed correctly. If the generic Win USB device pops up, delete it. Press the Hotsync button again and it should discover new hardware and let you browse to the correct driver.

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