How to listen Recorded files on PC

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    Default How to listen Recorded files on PC

    Hey guys! I have a question over here...
    If we recorded some voice on Sony ericson T610 and we want to listen that on our pC? which player we have to use.. i mean the file is of . amr extension.
    so any ideas?

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    Default Re: How to listen Recorded files on PC

    Look HERE:

    Looks to me like Audacity, Quick Time and Real can handle it. QT might mean iTunes can handle it, but that's no guarantee.
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    Default Re: How to listen Recorded files on PC

    Based on recommendations I've gotten here, I got VLC media player; and except for a quirk or two, it's worked well. It handles just about every format that's been conceived of (including AMR). Currently, I'm using 1.0.5 'Goldeneye.'



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