What smartphone should I get?

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    Default What smartphone should I get?

    I'm going to be eligible for an upgrade soon and would like to get some feedback on which phone is good for me. I'm currently using the Samsung Omnia 2, which is on the Windows Mobile 6.x platform. I like the phone, but feel a bit left out with regards to apps since almost all of the focus is on Droids and iPhones. I do not want to get an iPhone, so that leaves the Droid.

    Here are the things the phone has to be able to do:

    1. Work on the Verizon network
    2. Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook 2010 on a Dell laptop
    3. Synchronize with an Exchange server
    4. Use an app that will turn the phone into a modem through wifi and USB (WMWifiRouter is what I'm currently using)
    5. Have blue tooth capabilities
    6. Be at least on the 3G network (4G preferred)

    Can anyone recommend some models that fit these criteria?

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    Default Re: What smartphone should I get?

    Every Android on Verizon can fit this criteria. Every Android has wifi hotpot support built in to the OS but I think you need to check with Verizon for the plans to add the hotspot for the phone.

    How to Get Verizon Wireless’ 4G $30 Unlimited Use Hotspot Feature Added to Your Account | Stop the Cap!

    I would particularly recommend the RAZR MAXX as you can't beat big batteries and you're going to need it with LTE and being a wifi hotspot. You definitely would want LTE if you want a hotspot. CDMA/EV-DO 3G is too slow, since it has a 2mbs cap, while Verizon's LTE can reach over 20mbs in reported speed tests.
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    Default Re: What smartphone should I get?

    Hope you have more patience than I did with No 2 and android, the following thread may prove beneficial to pursuing android and outlook syncing for you.

    FYI: You can sync your PIMs via local USB with your Android phone using Deja Office

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    Default Re: What smartphone should I get?

    As mentioned all Android phones meet your criteria. The Nexus Galaxy is probably the best phone on Verizon now. This site is pretty good for quick recommendations: http://wuggee.com/compare-best-smartphones.html
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