RNS:: TopAreaCodes see your caller's city/state name and area map when your phone rings:

Version 1.4 of TopAreaCodes was released today. It is now compatible with all latest Treo and the Centro phones.

When someone calls you, TopAreaCodes looks at his/her phone number and looks for the area code. So if the number begins with +1 it knows it's from the USA. If it begins with +43 it's from Austria, +39 for Italy, and so on. So it can tell you the country, but also more detailed information (state, city, network provider) after you install more detailed databases for the appropriate area (all available for free at www.ranosoft.net/tac/databases).

TopAreaCodes automatically displays the country/district/city name (or mobile network provider) on Treo's screen during the conversation, but it can also be used to manually search for the code of given area, or the area with given code (the "Tools" menu in the TopAreaCodes application):

  • You're wondering what's the code for Italy? The "Tools"=>"Find Code by Area" option will tell you.
  • You're wondering whose code is +48? The "Tools"=>"Find Area by Code" option will tell you.

The most important and unique feature of TopAreaCodes is its ability to display not only the textual name of the area, but also its map, flag, or coat of arms (or the mobile network operator's logo). So when you get a call from Italy you'll see it's shoe-shaped map, as well as the green-white-red flag, and the elaborated coat of arms: