Can a Palm wake up and run an arbitrary application at a predefined time?

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Thread: Can a Palm wake up and run an arbitrary application at a predefined time?

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    Default Can a Palm wake up and run an arbitrary application at a predefined time?

    Hi everyone.

    I'm looking for a low-speed Wi-Fi-enabled PDA for communication purposes because I'm sensitive to EMR and a cell phone wouldn't work for me (see the end of this (fairly detailed...) post to understand specifically why), and after some digging it would seem that some of the 25MHz and 33MHz Palm OS-based offerings out there look like serious possibilities: they're slow (:P), they can go completely into standby when in my pocket (they last for weeks when asleep, this, they really are in low power mode, which I need), and so forth. http://I'm actually interested in ha...39;d be great.

    But in order to work out, I need the device to automatically check for new messages every 20 minutes or so. Now, Palms can obviously wake up and sound alarms, so the hardware incorporates an RTC. My atomic/multi-stage query is this: can I...
    1. Hack into/hook the RTC from software, then, when it fires...
    2. Automatically reconfigure the RTC to go off 20-30 minutes from now...
    3. Figure out the strongest/closest unencrypted AP and connect to it...
    4. Connect to a communications system and check for messages (my own software would theoretically be running at this point)...
    5. If I have no messages, automatically shut down and go back into standby again, or if I have new messages...
    6. Wake the screen up so I can read/reply to them...


    *blinks* Properly phrasing all that, I think I understand why I wanted something that could run Linux when I started thinking about this, but Linux only seems to have been an experimental toy in the double-digit-MHz CPU era. :/

    Still, I've always thought Palm OS is cool, perhaps this just might be possible

    Looking forward to your replies, and thanks in advance :]


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    Default Re: Can a Palm wake up and run an arbitrary application at a predefined time?

    After a LOT of digging I managed to find a single, lone mirror buried in some university hosting, holding the Palm OS documentation in HTML format - which I promptly permanently mirrored myself too (and I can't see any reason for that file to ever move); apparently you can tell the OS to set an alarm with AlmSetAlarm which will cause the device to wake up at an arbitrary time, sending your application the sysAppLaunchCmdAlarmTriggered and sysAppLaunchCmdDisplayAlarm events, the first for quick handling of the event, the second for "involved" or "full" handling. So it is possible to to wake the device up and have it run arbitrary code.

    Now my only real concern is whether I can effectively "remote control" whatever Wi-Fi control utility I'm ultimately stuck with - and that's the kicker... just like a "typical" Windows driver, each one will probably export its own interface - or not, leading to the highly interesting-sounding prospects of writing hacks to simulate screen taps and the like to select hotspots (and at the very worst, directly reading memory locations to get that hotspot information in the first place). *blinks a few times* And of course I can't test this bit in POSE, for obvious reasons.

    Mmm. Heheh. Now I don't really know what to say. All I can think is to get a device - I'm currently asking for device model suggestions in this thread - and a compatible Wi-Fi card, do some experimenting and see how it works out. At the very worst, I'll have a Palm OS-based device (win) with Wi-Fi (win+) which I have to manually check for messages with (agh). I somehow think I could manage something though. I think...

    Thanks for reading

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    Default Re: Can a Palm wake up and run an arbitrary application at a predefined time?

    How do you do that programming? And are those docs the Palm manuals or something else? Thanks.



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