Installing Palm desktop on a Win 7 computer

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Thread: Installing Palm desktop on a Win 7 computer

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    Default Installing Palm desktop on a Win 7 computer

    I got this link from one of the forums and believe it is what I need to put a Palm Desktop program on my wife’s Laptop computer.

    1. Install Palm Desktop version 6.2.
    a. Click here to download Palm Desktop 6.2
    b. Run the installer. When asked to choose between Complete or Custom, it’s best to select Complete.
    c. Once installation is finished, the Synchronization Setup will automatically launch.
    d. It will ask you to Name your device. Enter a name.
    e. If it asks you to choose between Microsoft Outlook or Palm Desktop, select Palm Desktop.
    f. Exit the Installer and Palm Desktop.

    It is a Win 7 H/P Pavilion dv6. 4044 MB memory and 567 GB free on my HD
    This thread goes on to tell how to get the data from your old PC.
    This will not be the route I have to take, in that this data is on her Palm T 5, taken from the Palm M515 on the old Win XP computer and put on her Palm T 5.
    The problem, as I see it is getting the data from the T 5 to the Desktop ver 6.2.
    Once I get the program loaded on her laptop I plan to set my conduits to move data from the handheld to the computer… Move it all with a Hot Sync.

    Do you see any problems with this Procedure?

    I just don't want to lose my wife's data or my name is MUD!

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    Default Re: Installing Palm desktop on a Win 7 computer

    In the past, iirc, it's best (if not essential) that the install of PD be performed under an Administrator account. Also, if the new PC running Win7 is 64-bit, you'll need the Aceeca drivers -- see link below:

    How to install the new Aceeca 64bit drivers on a TX
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    Default Re: Installing Palm desktop on a Win 7 computer

    Thanks Rick,
    Instead of fooling with those dirvers for ver 6 I may just istall ver 4.
    I have ver 4 on another laptop and it is working fine.

    I don't know what set me off on using ver 6 anyway.
    Th same link that had the ver 6 D/L also had the Ver 4 D/L.

    I'll think on it. I'm having trouble with the wife. She is afraid I'll screw up!
    I've saved her butt a couple time when I was Hot Syncing her M515 on the XP machine. She was very glad to see the backup when she blew her address file.


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    Default Re: Installing Palm desktop on a Win 7 computer

    The drivers are not for version 6, they are for 64-bit windows. If you have 64-bit windows, the drivers will be required no matter what version of palm desktop you use.

    Palm Desktop 6 officially supports Windows Vista and win 7. Some people have gotten version 4 to work okay on win 7, but others have problems. Just FYI. I'm still using XP and no longer use PD, so I don't have much experience to offer.
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    Default Re: Installing Palm desktop on a Win 7 computer

    Thanks for your post last night.
    I was totally confused by Ver. 6 Palm desktop andthe use of the Aceeca drivers.
    As I said I have Palm Desktop Ver 4.1.4 on a Win 7 laptop and it works fine. EXCEPT today. (see my post tonight, "Duplicate..."
    I don't seem to get one problem resolved until one or two more pop up!

    Thanks agsain for your resonse.

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    Default Re: Installing Palm desktop on a Win 7 computer

    I have several Palm Tungsten W PDA's which came out in 2003 but are very reliable. HotSyncing with Windows XP Works fine but so far
    I have failed to get anything to work with Windows 7 64bit OS. I came across Chris Short, President
    Short Tronics, INC.
    Index of /
    Phone: 612/326-4364
    who claims on his website to be able to adapt a Window 7 64bit OS entering your computer remotely and does not charge unless he succeeds.
    Has anyone else used his services? Hugh



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