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    Default Elektek Fabric Keyboard...experiences?

    I'm about to purchase an rx5915, and want to buy a keyboard to go along with it. After reading up here and elsewhere, I'm leaning towards the ThinkOutside Stowaway. But I'm also intrigued by the Elektex Fabric keyboard:


    Does anyone here have experience with it? Compatible with iPAQs? (it does have WM5 drivers) How is the typing experience? I think its too cool for school, but would like to hear from a user before investing.



    Edit: Just found this post:


    Any additional experiences welcome. I think the fact I can't use it on my lap may be the dealbreaker.
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    Default Re: Elektek Fabric Keyboard...experiences?

    I don't have any experience with this product, but I went to visit the website, and not to sound smart, but I noticed the Pocket PC displayed on the website is an iPaq. I could only assume that it would work the iPaq. In general, Windows Mobile has good compatibility between all it's handhelds, just small differences between the hardware. It says it has Bluetooth connectivity, so I'm assuming that if your Pocket PC has Bluetooth, then you are good to go.

    Hope this helps.
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