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    Unhappy Problems With Audible!

    More help with TX needed!

    Downloaded Audible and few books - nice until it stoped working.

    Click to open Audible and it causes a soft reset.

    Not able to open it at all - do I delete it from the TX and then reinstal with the books I have purchased?

    Any help appreciated.

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    I was having the same problem until I read a post advising to download the latest version of Audible Player (v2.7.1), which is included only with AudibleAir download from the US site, and not to delete the included sample books, as for some reason it is this that causes a soft reset on every launch.
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    Yeah, you have to (for now) keep the sample books if you want the Audible Player to work. Whether this is a bug or a marketing decision is up to you to decide, but it seems that the soft reset issue on launch happens if you delete even one of the sample books in ROM.

    So for now you have to keep an extra 1mb or so of Aubible content you don't want to use the new Audible Player with the T|X.

    According to Audible support they're working on a fix.
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    Default Audible reset

    I've had a similar problem with Audible.

    Updated to latest version.

    Problem / resolution - this is my solution - not the best but it does work.

    Problem - Audible works fine when you first install it and you can even delete all the sample files and it will continue to run fine. The problem arises the first time you have a soft reset occur. I have a few as I'm loading prior software which sometimes causes a soft reset. After such a reset, anytime you try to launch Audible you get an immediate soft reset.

    My solution -

    Install Audible and open a book. This creates a settings file.

    Use McFile or another file maintenance program and copy four (4) Audible files to your SD card. DO NOT PLACE IN THE EXISTING AUDIBLE SUBDIRECTORY.

    I created a directory on my SD card called AA and placed the four files here.

    (AudibleAudio.pdb, AudibleFonts.pdb, AudibleSettings.pdb and PalmAudiblePlayer-STRT.prc)

    Anytime I have a reset on my TX I just copy these 4 files back to the Palm and everything runs fine. Although I do lose my "settings".

    I'd been an Audible subscriber for a few years and as much as I like their service they seem to continually have problems with Palm and upgrades.

    This latest problem is a real "pain" and I really don't want their sample files on my system. Would be nice if they tested their programs before releasing to the public.


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    In all fairness to Audible, they did release this version of AudibleAir / Audible Player two weeks before the T|X was released.

    And while this problem also happens with the Lifedrive, it's maybe not something that will be evident until it's used for awhile. I do have to wonder if they have techs with Palm PDAs that use Audible Player every day, though.

    Anyway, I'm confident they'll fix the problem and have an update out... eventually.

    In the meantime, it's easy to just NOT delete the audiobooks and then you don't have to worry about recopying anything back over or changing any settings.
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