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    Arrow Palm Foleo Unboxing

    Gear Diary has somehow scored a Palm Foleo and has pictures of taking the device out of the box. There's not much there right now, but more is promised.

    You can see it at:

    p.s. Yes, I know about the Treo 500p picture. There's an article at:
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    Default Re: Palm Foleo Unboxing

    You enjoy torturing me, don't you... I want one!!!

    Thanks for pointing this out, Ed.
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    Default Re: Palm Foleo Unboxing

    I wonder if that was a Verizon logo he airbrushed off that Treo 500p? I don't have to switch to Sprint. I could stay on vzw another year, as long as it was only one more year. And VZW is somewhat prompt about getting camera-free versions out to us business users. Never mind. It was at&t. Darn.

    I'm surprised to hear the web surfing wasn't speedy on the Foleo. Well, maybe after he's had more time with it he will let us know specific performance numbers. This could provide a partial explanation of the cancellation. Palm did say something about the device wasn't quite up to snuff just yet.

    And I agree with you Hook, it's torture seeing one unboxed...

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