Powering Centro From USB "Power" Port

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    Default Powering Centro From USB "Power" Port

    I need to find out how to power/charge a Centro from a USB "power" port. I have the USB sync power combination cord. It powers the phone fine when conected to a computer.

    But when i plug it into a USB "power" port it's a no go. By power port I mean a usb plug that just sup lies power. It is not hooked up to a computer or anything other then power. Like you find in some cars. And are on some power plugs to go into a lighter.

    I am asuming i will need to modify the sync cable or make an adapter. I'm guessing i need to either connect some of the wires to other wire, or send voltage down a data point to trigger the phone to see" the power.

    Hopefully you get what I'm talking about.

    Has anyone done this? What did you do?

    I need this as we have different phones in the family so we put USB power plugs in all the cars, and use USB cables to power the phones and other toys. The only phone i can't get to work is the centro. I know i can get a car charger, and that is what I'm using, but getting a usb sync/power to work, would make like easier.

    Thank for your help.

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    Default Re: Powering Centro From USB "Power" Port

    One sure way to do this is to build your own custom cable, out of one Palm charger cable and one regular USB cable, by splicing the power lines together and ignoring the data lines. You can check a discussion and a pic of my custom cable here. This custom cable will let you charge your Centro (or any other Palm model with the same power connector) from any USB port. You must be careful to ensure that said port is able to supply the 500mA required to fast charge the Palm, though.
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