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    Default Kinoma Player 4EX version update

    I just updated Kinoma Player 4EX to Version 4.5.5

    not certain how recent this is since I don't use Kinoma Player as often as pTunes or TCPMP, but the app asked me if I wanted to do the update when I opened it up tonight. surfing on the TX, so I haven't checked the site to see what the update is all about.
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    Default Re: Kinoma Player 4EX version update

    Looks like it's an update for Kinoma Freeplay, too. Apparently, Youtube did something recently that required a fix in Kinoma.

    Kinoma FreePlay and Kinoma Player 4 updates now available
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    Default Re: Kinoma Player 4EX version update

    I meant to post this. I got the email notification but haven't done it yet. I guess that the OTA thing probably won't work for me, since the LD always seems to have a problem with that.



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