To dither, or not to dither?

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    Default To dither, or not to dither?

    I record TV shows using Windows XP MCE and MCEBuddy converts them to DivX format to watch on my TX and/or 755p using TCPMP. Every now and then, I notice some color washout in the background, so checked 'Dither colors' in preferences. That seems to have improved things. I'm confused, though. Doesn't dithering colors reduce the number of colors? Why would turning it on improve the video? Is there something I should be doing differently when converting videos?
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    Default Re: To dither, or not to dither?

    I don't know much about it, but the nature of the solution may not be in the available palette, but in the resources demanded to the system. You reduce the colors number, you request less work from the processor, and thus the playback performs better. That, totally omitting the conversion job at your desktop, I'm just talking about the mobile device. Would that be a reason?
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    Default Re: To dither, or not to dither?

    Since the highest-end Palm devices have a display capable of producing only 65 thousand colors (color palette), videos - that have millions of colors - will not appear as rich in colors as they do on a computer monitor.

    From Wikipedia:

    Dithering is a technique used in computer graphics to create the illusion of color depth in images with a limited color palette. In a dithered image, colors not available in the palette are approximated by a diffusion of colored pixels from within the available palette. The human eye perceives the diffusion as a mixture of the colors within it.
    So dithering simply substitutes the colors that the Palm display can't show with an approximated color that can be shown, making the overall image much closer to the original one.

    I personally use dithering in Coreplayer.
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