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    Default DVD to a Palm Basics

    OK folks I have had some excellent replies to my previous question on how to view a recorded TV program on my Palm TX. But before I start I need to understand the basics.
    From what I have gathered by your thoughtful replies the process goes something like this:
    The DVD that I have recorded from my Directv DVR onto my DVD recorder must be recoded by a DVD decrypter. Some decrypter's you folks have mentioned are HandBrake, PocketDivXEncoder, and FairUse Wizard.
    After the DVD has been decrypted it is installed on a SD card using windows explorer ie copy and paste. The SD card is placed in the Palm. A program that can read the decrypted file must be installed on the Palm TX. You folks have mentioned TCPMP among others. The TCPMP program and others like it plays the video on the Palm.

    I know this is a simplified explanation, but is this the basic process one goes through to view a DVD on a Palm.


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    Default Re: DVD to a Palm Basics

    Welcome Timjet,
    my rec is to start with PocketDivX.
    It was the most intuitive for me to start with.
    All will be looking for files with .vob extension.
    You can see these when you use Explorer or File viewer to look at how the DVR recorded and organized your files.

    However, you may need to decrypt first before those encoders can see your file.
    Shortcut: you may want to take a look at YouTube (YT) for postings of TV programs. These can be downloaded directly thru Firefox(FF) with download helper. If you've added the AAC codecs (for mp4s, H.264 aka AVC..) from Jiggies sig, you should have all you need. Jiggies includes the ones that are not included with the standard TCPMP download (DL).

    Usually a 45 min show is broken into 5 parts (less than 10 min each per specs of YT) You can try DL of 1 video in H18 mp4 and see if your device can play it.
    If not, you'll have to convert the DL .flv file to an .avi format. (search for threads) before the pmp can view it.
    tip: keep all in a Video file at the root level of your card.
    if your TV show is very new, then probably no postings but old programs are all over YT.

    Whoops, just saw your stuff: the apps you listed are encoders, not decrypters. If your file is not ready to encode, these apps cannot decrypt for you.
    If you have SDHC to read cards larger than 2GB, then no problem on space.
    If you are on basic features, then the most you can read is 2GB card which means watch how much video you post.
    In any case, baby steps first. I mention DL from YT because it's an easier progression to start with. Someone else has already done the work to make it viewable on the TX and all you have to to is DL it and start testing.
    Once you see how those files are done, the rest start making more sense.
    (by the way (btw), my acronyms may not be standard. I'm just posting how I abbreviate, mention once and then I can just use acronym)

    all those nyms are confusing. I remembered being super confused about all the steps. but now, I'm really happy using HB. Can't use PocketDivX much more since it can't read most of the files i'm working with. HB's wicki instructions are super informative and helpful. Make sure you read them.
    They are helpful for all sorts of concepts and teaches a lot of video (trad and new). good luck and be persistent but don't spend too much time on a process if it's not successful after 10 attempts. you might have to reexamine your procedure.
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    Default Re: DVD to a Palm Basics

    update: Download helper has changed even more since I posted.
    I'm finding TCPMP friendly files are mp4 at 25 fps. Those at 30fps will drop or start looking like they are melting on your PMP. Grab the HQ18 files and you won't even have to convert. TCpmp WILL play it directly without having to further convert. mp4 is better quality than .avi (MS standard). Use TCPMP Media Info to see details. This checking on someone's successful work will help you figure out how to set your encoder (HB has the most flexibility of the ones you listed to do this).

    The ones you listed above are free. All have a learning curve.

    The link posted by Alex is $35 US and it appears trial versions are avail.
    for some money, this will do all of it in 1 setup. So easy approach and probably won't require you know all the processes in detail.
    " That means you have to convert the decrypted DVD .vob file into the formats listed above, a single 3rd party DVD Ripper + Video Converter (http://www.aimersoft.com/video-converter.html#136) application can help"

    For your own DVDs that you are converting to a PMP friendly file, there's no harm in trying the free stuff first since you there are no roadblocks to converting your own recordings. I converted my DVD TV recordings just fine with the free tools but got tired of editing out commercials, hence doing a short cut and looking at someone else's work.
    Some I didn't have to decrypt since the .vob files are right there to read just fine for HB, PktDvx, FUse.

    I think your direct recordings have no commercials from your other threads so that's one less frustration to deal with. good luck. Update on how it's going.
    tip: start your experiments with small files or just a chapter (less than 9 min, 3min more ideal) until you figure out what you're doing. sometimes the audio doesn't come thru so you have to figure out where or what track it's located on to convert.
    Last edited by FireNWater; 09-25-2009 at 04:31 PM. Reason: forgot Decryptor not always needed on personal DVD recordings
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    Default Re: DVD to a Palm Basics

    It's good that you posted this. I've been doing this for a long time (with RealPlayer Browser Record plugin before Download Helper. Still, I'm pretty sure I've played the higher quality 30 FPS files without a problem. Again, although we've solved many of the issues of H.264 video on Palms, I still think MP4 is a better way to go.



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