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    Jig, someone else (I believe) mentioned that videos with AMR-coded video caused a problem on some players (I don't remember all the permutations). I believe AMR is not often used as an audio format. It's meant for speech and is low quality. It's associated with certain cellphone video as part of the 3GPP standard. I would guess that similar content to the video Gambolio wants is available with a better audio component.

    Gambolio, I'd recommend searching BH for 'AMR.' Also, if you'd like, post the specific YouTube video you are interested in. I'll see if it works on my Kinoma 4EX installation.

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    I've read similar things about the AMR codec. I believe it's mostly used by digital voice recorders, not optimized for, say, movies or music.
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    Use a framerate of 15 fps (~20 max) and a bitrate of less than 700 kbps for best results.
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    I am having a problem with kinoma to send me my access code so I can open 4. I sent my info and they won't email me back what should I do?



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