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    Question freeware/shareware concerns

    I'm a new PDA user who just picked up a refurb. M515 from the Palm Factory Store. So far, I'm enjoying using the unit but frankly shocked at all the potential problems I'm reading in this forum. I also discovered a vast array of freeware/shareware for these units, a lot of which sounds interesting and perhaps worth a try. My concern, however, is what's the likelyhood of this software damaging my unit ??? How reputable are these suppliers ??? Is there a screening process prior to the software release or is it "caveat emptor" (buyer beware) ???


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    I've had my m505 for a couple of years and have had virtually no trouble with it. And I've certainly exercised it and pushed its limits

    Keep in mind that by nature this and other forums are generally used by folks seeking to solve a problem or looking for info. That makes it appear that everybody has problems with their Palms, but I suspect it is a relatively small percentage of the overall user base. There have been significant problems with some models, but most owners are quite satisfied with them.

    Regarding the third-party apps: I've downloaded and tried literally hundreds of 'em and rarely encountered a problem. At worst you might get a really bad one and have to do a hard reset of your Palm, but that is not very common. I suppose there's no guarantee that a badly written app won't damage the handheld, but I haven't heard of anything like that. The safest bet would be to stick with the reputable sites like PalmGear , FreewarePalm , ZDNet , and the like, as well as the sites of specific software developers.

    One of the great things about the Palm OS platform is that there are thousands and thousands of apps out there to suit most any need you can think of. Some are commercial / retail software packages, some are shareware, and some are freeware. I'm most always on the scout for freeware apps and there are some great ones. Same thing for the shareware apps. Short of a real hobby, I'm not sure why some of the software developers don't charge, or charge more, for their apps. Fortunately for us users, most are generous with their time and sharing their work.

    If you do encounter problems, there is an amazing amount of knowledge among the subscribers to this forum. They've certainly helped me out!

    Enjoy the m515, and welcome to PalmVille!


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    Thanks Joe, your comments are certainly reassuring. I think I'll bravely try loading some software and see what happens. It's also reassuring to know that if I do encounter any problems there are people willing to help.




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