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    Default pc doesnt recognize usb cradle

    I am trying to install my m505 with USB cradle on a new computer. When I plug in the USB to my computer ( I know the USB port works), the computer fails to recognize the USB cradle as being connected.

    Could this be an AC power adapter problem? Could somebody tell me what A/C adapter come from the 505/USB cradle?

    Any help appreciated, thanks.

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    Have you tried a hotsync yet?

    The USB circuitry is actually in the Palm, and it doesn't activate until a hotsync is started.

    Once a hotsync is under way Windows will 'install' the Palm, or Mac OS will see the device and add it to System Profiler.

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    Default I agree...

    I agree with Shawn. The operating system may have something to do with it as well. What operating system are you currently running?
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    To clarify Shawn's post.

    The Windows device manager will not display or reconize the Palm until the Hotsync button is pressed.

    then when the Hotsync has completed the device manager will remove the Palm device from the listing.

    Also the unit is not listed under USB but has its own line entry.
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    There is another possiblity. I had the exact same problem and it was a problem with the docking station caused by static electricity. The new cradles that prevent this error from occuring have an 'E' on the bottom. There should be more info on the 'Palm' Web Site.



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