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    Question More Free Heap memory

    Hi Group. On my 515 when trying to load a game, BookWorm, I get the following : This game requires more free heap memory than your handheld has available. If you have any hacks installed, or open network connection, please disable them.

    1. What's a hack? I don't think I have any. Nor do I have an open network connection.

    2. I went from a 130 to the 515 because it had more memory-- and now this! I currently have 5.1 M of Free Space available. Isn't this enough? Book Worm takes 355K, which I have on the 32 MB Expansion card, which also has 18.7M of free space.

    3. So what's heap memory? Different from regular memory?

    Thanks in advance!

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    A hack is a program that enhances a built-in program on the Palm. You need a main program like HackMaster to enable the hack. I think the reason your program references it is that hack programs anchor themselves in your Palm RAM memory. If you add/remove programs, your RAM may get broken into smaller pieces, each too small to accommodate the program you're trying to install. When you do a reset, the Palm does a memory cleanup and defrag. A hack won't move during the defrag if it is enabled. It'll sit there and not let you maximize your contiguous free space.
    Now, as I recall reading somewhere, a heap is a blob of memory in your free space RAM that the Palm OS sets aside to use. * The dynamic heap is sized based on the amount of memory available to the system.

    The only thing I can think of to try would be a soft reset. (I don't think you have any hacks so we won't worry about turning those off). Then try your program again.

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    The heap on an m515 is (I think) 256K. MBoy is correct in that a sof-reset ought to clean up your heap and give you enough to run your app.



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